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In Burgos, the big city.

By on September 11, 2013

Today we are in Burgos. It’s a very large city with maybe the largest cathedral in all of Spain. (That’s what the book said)

The last 3 days have whipped by. We had 2 big climbs leaving VillaFranca 2 days ago and a big one this morning. We easily crossed the first set but today’s did Michelle’s heel in. It was very rocky and steep. It was what I think Mars would look like with trees.

We went though two little towns and stopped for coffee con letche both times. It was so cold today.

Once we reached Burgos we think we took a wrong turn … We didn’t see any arrows or shells for ages and started to get worried. The guide book had 3 or 4 “options”, some of which are a bit longer. I’m sure we took one of those of course. And too boot there was a big bike race through the city. At least there were lots of policia to ask directions from.

I decided last night we were getting a real hotel once we got here. We almost didn’t get one due to the race but the place we ended up in is nice and the staff helpful.

Burgos is beautiful. Even the newer part has kept aspects of the medieval style outside the “old town”. We really would like to come back here.

We paid for the tour of the cathedral. I’m going to need you catholic friends to explain a few thing to me but it really was unbelievable how much detail each area had. It took almost 2 hours to see and that’s only because we started skipping over the parts of the audio tour.

We are out late now having the Spanish version of hamburger. The picture does not look like the ones JD makes at the Undermount. Off to bed and hope to post more tomorrow.


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