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How important is spelling & grammar in blog writing?

Are you concerned with your blog writing if you misspelled one word, or forgot a comma here or there? I know what you’re thinking it’s about the content, and generally, I would agree.

Big grammar eye opener

I recently got a private message from a former boss. He told me that my spelling and grammar had been bugging him for awhile and he had to tell me. Wow, an eye-opener!

First thing I thought was well maybe this is the time to give it all up. Then my very next thought was, but he’s reading my blog. That’s the goal right, get them to read your blog.

Begin blog writing

When I started my blog like many I thought just pump out the content. Worry about the other stuff later. But what’s the point if no one wants to read what you have. Blog writing has become an art form itself. One I have yet to master. So I will slow down, focus more on the writing.

My writing style is as if I am talking to my best friend or a neighbor someone who wants the honest truth with some fun added in. I figure if you want to read journalism grade writing you would not be on my blog.

I have a former colleague who I know goes nuts over bad spelling and grammar, you know who you are CN! So if I was only writing for her it would be a different story, right? But I am writing for the average joe the busy jane who wants the content, the tips and tricks the ins and outs of a destination.

Blog writing investments

So, I invested in Grammarly at first the free one, then needed to go to the advance paid version. This helps with spelling and grammar which in the end helps your SEO.

But I am curious what do others use to ensure that their writing is up to par, or do you even care?

If you really look hard at our early writing on Oh What a Journey you are bound to find spelling and grammar mistakes but I like to think that as I go along I am improving.

2 thoughts on “How important is spelling & grammar in blog writing?”

  1. I agree! Good for you for finding resources to help. You have tons of friends, they can help, too, before you hit POST. PS: I’m not a stickler in my TripAdvisor reviews… I got over that five years ago!!!

  2. I am one of those people who goes nuts over mistakes. But it really only bothers me when they are my own. Perfectionist much? When Alan and I first started our blog, I laid out a style guide that we still use today with just a couple of exceptions. Alan prefers two spaces after a period and LOVES the Oxford comma and I am down with one space after a comma and no on the Oxford comma. Our voices are vastly different, but I liked having the style guide because there are things drive me crazy that do not bother him. He’s better at retirementing than I am!

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