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I have Travel blog writer’s block

Travel Blog

Travel blog without travel

How do you write a travel blog without travelling? Things have changed in our life and I am back working a full-time contract. I had quit my horrible job to start my own business and travel.

However, the overwhelming debt I had decided I should not leave quite yet. So here, I am back to no vacation time or unpaid vacation. I think I may die! Yes, I have not been on vacation or travelled in over a year, I really may die!

So I how do I keep an audience interested in my travel blog without any stories of my travels. No, really I need to know!!!! Are you listening, share your stories with me.


Travel Planning

OK, it has not been as bad as I make it out, but pretty close. I have been planning a group hiking tour for May of 2019.  This one will be 5 – 8 women hiking the Camino Portuguese, sounds fun, why not join us? It takes a lot of planning to get a group together and plan for 2 weeks of hiking.

In addition, during this time, that I have not been travelling I studied and got TICO certified to sell travel in Ontario, cool right. Now I can book travel for myself, friends, family and even you.


Boring Home Life

Because I have been home and thinking and thinking and thinking some more about what I will do when this contract ends, I have started getting comfortable – I hate it!

Really, I come home tired, sit down and look forward to weekends when I can sleep in. Let’s be honest my life has become boring. I really, really need to travel. We even bought a new couch!!!


Light at the end of the travel tunnel

Yay, a vacation is coming! My husband, my daughter, mother, cousins and I are all heading to the Dominican Republic for a relaxing trip. OK, semi-relaxing after all we are the semi-adventurous travellers, so there will be an excursion and some scuba diving.



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