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Traveling during Hurricane Season?

Throwback Thursday – Perfect time to recall our Hurricane travels and prepare you if you are thinking of traveling during this time of year.

Traveling during Hurricane Season can be scary but it can also be inexpensive. You can find some great deals during this time of the year to certain destinations like Mexico. But keep your eye on the weather channel!

Hurricane Story

We’ve all been there, we all have that weather related travel nightmare tucked away in our storybooks, well here’s our…

The Semi-Adventurous Travelers set off for Mexico, Mayan Riviera the Occidental Xcaret again. Remembering though the first time we were there was during Hurricane Rita in 2005. First off I have to say the Hotel was excellent in its response to the hurricane. One night we were eating dinner and the next everything was packed away, I mean everything. From the furniture to the light fixtures to beer taps were securely hidden to prepare for the worst. The Occidental resort had a large conference room where we checked in prepared to spend the night. As instructed during our hurricane meeting we went back to our rooms. Packed our bags and put them in the bathtubs, got our carry-on bags and a pillow and headed back to the conference room.

After a number of long hours, it was announce the hurricane had been down-graded to a tropical storm.  This meant we could at least spend the night in our rooms. The hotel delivered bags of food and water to our rooms because everything was closing. My husband and I spent a wonderful night helping people find rooms with our flashlights when the power went out. When everything settled down we spent the night watching a great light show in the sky.

Hotel Response

The hotel was awesome then and I am looking forward to returning with family members. Stayed turn for updates on our travels and the excursions we take, there will definitely be some snorkeling.

Three important things your hotel should do during a weather incident;

  1. Inform the guest of the situation, we were notified by signs being put up over the hotel to meet in the theatre where announcements were made about the weather and what the plan was
  2. Confirm the guest head count, we were told to check in at the convention centre where our names were checked on a list and then again two more time over the course of about 15 – 20 hours, two other hotels on Cozumel were evacuated to ours so there was a lot of people there
  3. Provide provisions, we were given a large room for gathering and potential spending the night with medical area set up, food area, and a kids area to keep them entertained as well.
  4. And of course remain calm throughout the entire episode which the Occidental did.

Items We Never Travel Without

  1. Our own quick dry towels
  2. A hand charge flashlight
  3. first-aid kit
  4. Carabineers – Keeps bags together hard to get picked up “by mistake” in a crowd


Watching the Hurricane on the weather channel
Everyone with pillows lining up to check in
Filing through the convention room doors
Everyone getting cozy on the floor waiting for announcements
Our little piece of property for the night
Hurricane medical
One of the stations set up in the room
Hurricane provisions
The provisions that were sent to our room when the hurricane was downgrade to a Tropical Storm















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