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How to Save for Travel: My Top 5 Tips

Save for Travel

Learning to save for travel is hard, I like my daily coffee, lunch out and the occasional night out. So how do you save for a vacation when your modest pay covers the bills with just a bit left over.

“I vow not to buy a coffee for the next three months at work”

This is hard, I am surrounded by a Tim Hortons, Starbucks and a Second Cup. But think about just one cup of coffee at $2 a day can end up saving me $120. Now, that may not seem like a lot. But when you like to go on trips when you’re on vacation it can add up. This $120 will get me a day of scuba diving. I have already dug out my coffee mug to take to work everyday.

Save for Travel

More tips to Save for travel

This is not rocket science you have probably hear these a million times but maybe it will sink in this time. Here are my tips for saving for travel.

  1. Start a savings plan, I have a TSFA (Tax free savings account) for those outside of Canada. This automatically takes money from my paycheck every two weeks and puts it into a savings account that I can’t easily access with my debit card.
  2. My new philosophy is, do I really need it? I have sweaters, pants clothes so do I really need more? Only when I wear out something will I replace it.
  3. Sell the crap you don’t use anymore, we all have it the closet or basement with stuff you may use again someday. If you haven’t used it in a year you don’t need it, sell it.
  4. Make more money! This may not be easy for some but if you can take on a side part time gig or do some freelance work give it a try and put all the money you earn away for travel.
  5. Lastly, travel smart. Do you have to go to the five-star every time? I have found some great places that are three or four-star all- inclusive that are great. Or maybe try your hand at a resort that is not all inclusive, many times you can eat cheaper off resort like a local.

Bonus tip: Apps, if you read one of my past articles you know how much I love a good app. Here is an article that offers some apps for saving money.

Follow through

Sounds easy right. I know shit creeps up into our daily life every day that eats away at our savings. Kids, cars, illness you name it. All we can do is offer some tips but maybe you already have a secret for saving, share it with us here.

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