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Hostel Etiquette on the Camino

Hostel etiquette may be slightly different from the regular party hostel you stayed at in Paris or London. There are things you do not normally ask a stranger or comments you may not make unless you are on the Camino. So let’s dive into Camino hostel etiquette.

Camino questions?

Yes, you can ask about people’s feet. Normally that would be an off limits topic in a hostel and may gross out some. But on the Camino it is the number topic of conversation. So, ask me what I do for blisters and if that looks infected. You can even ask if I have some Vaseline to spare and I will know automatically your feet need it, I know where your minds went.

You will hear many things like did you know this person did that or did you hear about how sick they were, the Camino gossip line runs far and wide. but it’s not all bad, sometimes it’s someone looking for help. Or someone looking for medical supplies, you never know. I was in Leon, stopped to talk with some lovely women, and then showed them my spider bite and their response was OMG that was you, we heard about it a couple days ago.

Bathroom Hostel Etiquette

A Hotels or Albergue is very different from a hotel. More often than not, it is co-ed, which was a new concept for me on my first Camino. Even more shocked by the nudity and free spirits in the hostel.

So grab your towel line up behind the next guy or gal and wait for your shower stall to become available.

Tip: Don’t wait for a shower, get it done as soon as you get a bed to ensure you get hot water, some days I waited, had a little nap and paid for it with a cold shower.

Bunk Bed Buddies

90% of the time you are going to find yourself in a bunk bed. That means that only one person should be sleeping in a bed. If you want to lay down beside your hubby for a quick nap, sure that’s fine. But, don’t crawl under the covers and proceed to canoodle all night. That is disturbing others and making everyone feel very uncomfortable.

Couple other rules about the bunk beds. Keep you bags off the beds don’t hang stuff all over the bed if you are sharing. Leave some room for the other person. And most importantly if you snore maybe give a little heads up to those around you so we know to put our earplugs in right away. You can read more about bunk bed etiquette on our post Don’t fear the bunk bed. As you can see below we broke all the rules.

Spain peregrinos, hostel etiquette
Our very first Albergue in Pamplona

Dirty Laundry

I don’t mean we want to hear about the affair you had. I found it super helpful in some hostels that had a washing machine to ask a couple others if they wanted to chip in. We could all throw our laundry in and dry it together for half the price.

What did you find about hostel etiquette on the Camino? Bad or good leave a comment.

Remember the best rule, is to be respectful of others.

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