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Do you only Travel on your Holiday Time from Work?


Do you only get to go on a holiday for 2 weeks a year? Maybe you want to explore a new location or just A short get away for a change of scenery. What if told you that you could be adventurous. That you could visit exotic locations for two weeks or a weekend away in a new city. It is especially relevant to note that we don’t travel the world endlessly from one adventure to the next like nomads. We get up Monday to Friday probably like you, go to work and save for our next trip.

Holiday Long Weekends

The Washington Monument beyond the reflecting pool

Long weekends are our friends, we use them to the fullest. By only booking one extra vacation day, you can get a long weekend of 4 days. What you can do and where you can go with as little as four days can be surprising. Our last four day holiday took us from Hamilton ON, Canada to Washington DC. And the best part all the Smithsonian Museums are free, that’s right folks FREE! So you can spend less to get the most out of your holiday. And for us, it was only an 8-hour drive, well worth it.

With short drives and short haul flights, you can find the holiday of your choice closer than you think.

Semi-Adventurous Holiday

The start of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Also, If you have longer than a week, maybe two and if you’re lucky and can push three weeks you can do some amazing things. Planning the dates right over weekends can give you as many days as possible for your time away. Ten days got us an adventurous vacation in Peru and even though our Peru trip was jam packed from start to finish, it was worth it. We planned this entire trip on line including bus tours, hiking the Inka Trail to Machu Picchu for 4 days, touring Lima and Lake Titicaca

Special Holiday

Some people have restrictions on holiday time as well as some professions and parents with kids in school only have time for a holiday during the holidays like Christmas or March break.

While a holiday over the holidays can be stressful, it can be done with some planning. The key is, don’t expect to get into places like Disney world or Mexico for anything less than a fortune.

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