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Hiking words to know

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When you start planning a trek, you start to learn new words. And what are the Hiking words to know? Not the ones women want to hear, like cashmere, silk or suede. No, those items do not belong on a walking trek.  You start to look for equipment that weighs as little as possible (i.e. lightweight). You want clothes that will wick moisture away from parts of you that you don’t want moisture in and of course, it has to be quick dry because likely there isn’t a service laundry mat near by. I learned the importance of merino wool, and why it is the best choice for clothing and socks. It is always a personal choice, but I found them to be perfect. When you can only carry about 15-20lbs everything you buy has to be small, light weight and be multi-purpose. My towel was a pillow, a blanket, and a wrap if needed. If you are planning a walk like the Camino, visit your local outdoor store. Most of the staff can be helpful and knowledgeable about what you might need. But be careful and make sure you ask questions about their experiences.  Some have never walked farther than needed.

Remember these hiking words to know:

Lightweight, wicking, quick dry, multi-purpose and Merino Wool.  These work for non-adventurous travels too.  Lightweight and multi-purpose allows you to bring back more souvenirs.

Jeffrey and I are always available to offer our advice about gear or the Camino. Just email us your question and don’t forget to follow us by Subscribing by email.

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