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Hello world! I’m Starting a Blog

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Throwback Thursday Starting a Blog Post

I have been starting a blog about all my travels since 2012. And I say starting because it is never finished.

“Always looking for friends in Hamilton who want to join me and my husband in training”.

Starting a Blog has to begin somewhere

The Beginning, yes that one sentence was my first blog in July of 2012. I can’t believe how much I have learned since then. The first lesson is to write more than one sentence. The blog name has changed, the intent has changed but my love of writing has not.

I was about to go on a journey of a life time. I had no idea how I was going to journal this story without having to carry a book and pen. Which by the way I did anyway. But I turned the blog into a way of letting friends and family know exactly where I was and what I was doing while in Spain.

Things like here are our first Albergue bunk beds, we had a great meal for lunch, Couldn’t wait for the beer so served ourselves. Or and don’t forget the wine that came out of the wall and the wonderful friends we met along the way. And most importantly I have been bitten by a spider and heading to a hospital.

Still, I first had to find the platform I had heard about this thing ‘Blogging” and had asked around with some of my media friends. However, what would I need to do to Blog? I needed a platform, honestly, the only one people recommended was WordPress so I looked into it and it looked easy so that was the one for me.

Figuring it all out

I had no idea what SEO was, or that a keyword was crucial in blogging. I just wanted to tell a tale. And that is exactly why more people like you start a blog. You have something important or resourceful you can share with the rest of us.

Have a look through my blog because although I am updating a few and putting them on the throwback Thursday feed you will see how rudimentary my blogs were. I am not ashamed of my beginning and you shouldn’t either. Spelling mistakes happen. Bad Grammar happens but the story is the same.

See how far I have come to one of my latest posts, Do you only Travel on your Holiday time from Work?

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