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I Have hiking shoes, First step is to walk

Walk the Camino
Hiking Shoes
That’s not a big hill, Right?

Having good hiking shoes is the first step in beginning your training for the Camino. And walk we did, starting at 9 am in the morning. I admit it’s a bit later than I wanted but me, my husband and the dog headed out to hit the Red Hill Valley Trail.  (my dog may never forgive me for this one). The training for our first long distance hike will come in multiple stages. First, walking, how and I going to walk for a minimum of 20 km a day in the heat with a back pack on? Second, I need to learn to like red wine, since I will be in some of the most famous vineyard districts. And lastly, speaking Spanish. Practicing and perfect some phrases to get me through any situation.

Hiking Shoes don’t fail me now!

My first goal has been completed, I walk for 3 hours and made it to 9.3 Km up and down hills in the sun and in the dirt.  it was very hard for the first walk for me maybe I should have set my goals a bit lower. No, way! I have to aim higher if I am going to make it to the end of the walk and claim my Compostela. That means walking every day for a little bit and on weekends, long distance. Maybe joining a walking/hiking group would help to motivate me to keep going. Don’t get me wrong I actually love to walk and hike. My hikes though are usually at a much more leisurely pace than the drudging we will be doing.


Next week out for another walk, where to go? Time to look up some trails in the area. Wondering if anyone planning the Camino or any other long distance walked trained?

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