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Happy New Year, 2014

Happy New Years readers.  This year will hopefully end with at least two trips under our belts.  One will be to the sunny south in the Caribbean someplace,  probably the Dominican Republic.  The second will be to England, then on to Carcassonne, France to see two of our friends we made while walking the Camino.

I recently read a quote about the Camino. “You might leave the Camino, but the Camino never leaves you” or something like that.  So far this seems to be very true for me.  I have a digital frame on my desk at work, and I often find myself seeing a photo that brings back a great memory or something in daily life will trigger a recollection. I’ve gone on many trips, and none have embedded themselves as deeply as this one did. I hope this remains true for the rest of 2014 and beyond.

Now for the real reason of this post.  I’ve meant for a while to start a (semi-)regular addition of photos I took along the way.  I am a horrible procrastinator and here it is January 1st, and I’ve still not done it.  So my first resolutions is to start putting up some images. This photo is one of my favorites. So far I have given away as a present. Now I’m sharing it with all of you.

I frequently use this photo as a desktop picture.

Outside Najara, La Rioja, Spain. September 2013

I was fascinated, and a bit frightened by the mountains as we walked beside these.  Michelle and I love being out in Western Canada among the peaks, and this reminded me a bit of home.  I was frightened because at some point we had to cross over them.  I took this image on day 5 or 6 I think and our feet, like all Pilgrims, were killing us. There are a lot of photos of this mountain face in my collection, but I liked this one the best. The lighting and the little town sits in just the right place. It makes me think of a fairy tale.

I’m adding a Gallery Page and you can follow it to all of the photos of the Camino.

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