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A Visit to the Halifax Public Gardens

Destination Halifax

Another of my birthday treats was to visit the Halifax Public Gardens.  This is an example of a Victorian Garden that was created in 1875 from two other gardens. It is located up the hill from our hotel/Harbor and two blocks away from the Citadel.  The location is also nice because there are a few nice pubs around the corner on Spring Garden Road.  I was able to tour the gardens, take a break for a quick bite and a pint and then head on down to Point Pleasent Park.

Point Pleasent Park, Halifax
Point Pleasant Park

Halifax Public Garden Bandstand

Since it was a Sunday there was a concert playing on the Bandstand. They play from mid-June until mid-September but I don’t know if or what days they play through the week.  While the band was playing there was an information center and cafe open.  The building was closed the second time we visited so it might only be open on weekends.

Halifax Public Gardens
Taken from

What To See

The Halifax Public Gardens are 17-acres containing lots of exotic and not so exotic-looking flowers, shrubs, and trees.  In early June the Hydrangeas were bursting with flowers in all different colors.  At the corner of Spring Garden Road and South Park St. there are huge ornamental gates.  The rest of the grounds are surrounded by a wrought-iron fence.  There are a number of openings in the fence around the grounds but it’s worth the look at the gates. There are also lots of statues, fountains, and historical markers along the many paths.  Near the center is a large pond with what I think is a model of the Titanic.

In Closing

I’m not normally someone who goes searching out gardens to visit but I really enjoyed this location.  It was easy to get to, something free to do, and very relaxing after a busy morning. Make sure you drop by and have a look if the weather is nice.


Jeffrey in Halifax Working
Getting in some work in Halifax

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