Destination Halifax

Halifax in February

By on February 19, 2017

I am going on a trip…to Halifax…in February, doesn’t sound too exciting does it. I am very lucky to have a job that allows me to travel for my events, so I get to go to places like Halifax in February o visit the Marriott Harbourfront Halifax, stay in a great suite and enjoy the wonderful hospitality. And for work, I take lots of pictures make sure space is going to be just great for us, and it will.

On top of seeing the hotel, I get to look around the city and visit a couple of other interesting and not to be missed historical sites, like the Canadian Immigration Centre at Pier 21 and the Citadel. Both locations I will be visiting again in June. If you have ever worked with a Local tourism board you know they are professionals and will do everything in their power to make your stay one of a kind and Destination Halifax is no exception from the airport transfers and person escorts to site visits and follow up information. If you are new to an area they are also a great source of information on local tourist spots as well as the local hot spots off the beaten path.

As part of my visit I had received an invitation to one of the most popular events in Halifax, Savour Food and Wine Festival Decadence, where as they say Indulgence at it’s finest. I got to try some of the best that the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) students in the Pastry Arts and Culinary Arts Programs had to offer, and then dessert, yes chocolate in all flavours. I am grateful to the organizer for the tickets to this event, I certainly left full of food and a bit of wine.

Then after two days of just cold weather, I got to experience what was described to me as a “Nor-Eastern Storm”. One minute is was clear and sunny the next it was a winter wonderland.

If you find yourself in Halifax during the winter months there are some great advantages, the Maritime Museum will be practically all yours, take your time and read all the information about the Halifax Explosion and their involvement with Titanic.  I also highly recommend you visit the local pubs, East Coast music, and a pint is easy to find no matter what time of year it is.


Halifax, Nova Scotia




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