Ghost Walks of Historic Halifax

By on June 12, 2017

I’m in Halifax on my Birthday and my wife is working day and night at her “real job” so what do I do???
Book a Ghost Walk after a long day of walking of course!

About Andy

Andy in action.

Andy Smith owns Tattle Tours Of Nova Scotia and has been running these tours for 12 years. He is a native of New York but you can tell he is quite passionate about this topic and the City of Halifax. Andy is a very engaging story teller and made me feel right at home quickly. He is also very upfront that he is an actor and a storyteller. (Check him out on IMDB). I like that he makes sure to talk to each person individually between story sites. He ensures everyone feels part of the experience. But, don’t let him trick you into staying behind to watch for ghosts, his stories are too good to miss.  Sorry Andy.

Why this Ghost Walk?

The tour starts at the town clock below the Citadel and it is downhill from there. Literally, not figuratively, which was nice after a long day wandering around town. In case you were not aware, downtown Halifax is built up on a steep incline. The streets leading down to the harbor can be hard on a tourists legs and endurance.

” Intriguing stories of haunted buildings, troubled spirits, and odd occurences. “


Andy says he has about 20 stories in the tour that lasts approximately 2 hours but it seems like he has a lot more to tell. He also includes lots of local facts and flavor. Some He is very knowledgeable and could answer any questions we had about both the spooky and not so spooky side of things. As mentioned earlier, he is a storyteller, not a ghost hunter but has had a number of his own experiences during this time in the city.  Even if you’re are a skeptic, you will find his stories funny and very entertaining.  I will say that I don’t know what I believe regarding ghosts but I would like to be someone who sees something on a ghost tour so I fall for this kind thing.

Some of the sites on the tour are St. Pauls, a few different restaurants, some side of the road the Burying Grounds and finally the courtyard of Keiths’ Brewery.

Ghost Walk; the nitty gritty:

He is currently, (as of June 2017), running the Ghost Walks on Wednesdays, Friday, and Sunday from May – October. Weather Permitting.  The Tours start at 7:30 pm.  The cost is $15 per adult and $10 for children under 13.  I sent and email the morning of the tours to check to ensure the details were still accurate. Andy himself got back to me quickly.  He is well reviewed on TripAdvisor, 4.5 out of 5.  At the time of this writing, there were 117 reviews and he was #12 of the top 50 tours of Halifax.

” I loved it … Awesome! A lovely time. Andy really knows his stuff.  Interesting facts given with a smile and a laugh. “
(Comment by a Calgary visitor from the website)

Best of luck and hopefully the Pub at Keiths’ is still open when you finish the tour so you can enjoy and a pint and mull over the History of Halifax’s spirits.Destination Halifax


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