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Funny Travel Photos Round up

Travel Photos

I am about to get real with you about travel photos. Something I have never shown anyone before. As long as you promise to spread it around and share with everyone.

Do you find yourself struggling with which travel photos to post on your social media? Which one is perfect, has the best light, and captures what you are trying to say? Then, only to discard the rest like they never happened because your eyes were closed, you looked down or the dreaded photo bomber.

Travel Photos at their most interesting

I swear I must have a million photos of my rear because my husband stops to take a picture but I keep walking, so I always get a shot of my backside. Not the most flattering. But what about the photos that are just pure fun, you smile weird, cross your eyes or stick out our tongue.  I love those, but they don’t always fit the perfect travel story you are writing.

We’ve done it, so have you? You’re standing on a boat and suddenly you get the urge to run to the front and throw your arms out and yell, “I’m on top of the world” Leonardo style.

You’ve seen the photos of someone trying to hold up the Eiffel tower, or playing with the camera to make something look tiny so you can step on it.

Show off your Travel crazy!

You know you have it, that one you don’t want anyone to ever see. Well, today you get to see my crazy travel photos.

I love taking these photos as much as you and it shows how we have fun when we travel. Everyone needs to get a little travel photo crazy sometimes.

Give me your funny faces, curious poses, I am on top of the world shots.

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