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Freelance or Fortune for the Travel Blogger?

Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger in 2017

Sometimes, just maybe it can be both. If you are a top notch Travel Blogger with an expertise in a niche topic you can do very well. But if you are a first-time blogger who writes for the love of it, not the money. Well, then there may be no fortune in your future. I have read the articles that talk about the travel blogger who has mastered the art of free (or cheap) travel, accommodations,

Travel Blogger and even meals. I aspire to this level of commitment and will travel as much as possible but for now, I am content to be the freelancer on the side of my full time job…but not for long.

Have you dreamt of giving up your full-time job? You know that you would enjoy life so much more if you could travel. Although you know this is not in the cards right away. So how do you balance a full-time job and the travel you want?

Inspiration comes from everywhere

Some Travel Bloggers that Inspire us, and can inspire you as well.

Oh What A Journey

If you have been following from the beginning then you know our love for travel is genuine. And our passion is to help other like us become informative travelers.  We started in 2012 and documented small notes of our journey on the Camino de Santiago, as a matter of fact, our first post was so bad I had to back and fix it up. It didn’t even have a keyword. This is my very first post in 2012, “I Have hiking shoes, the First step is to walk“.

I work to travel and travel to write, it a vicious circle. How do break it? For us, it means getting out of debt. Then start actually saving for a lifetime of travel. But in the meantime, that means we need to make the most the vacation time we are given each year. We are going to give you tips on how to make the most out of two weeks or more if you can swing it. Like me, most people don’t get more than 3 weeks paid vacation a year in Canada. That means all my jobs have a clause built in than when available I can negotiate un paid days off.

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