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A Freedom Lifestyle Mindset – What does it Mean?

Freedom Lifestyle

What is a Freedom Lifestyle ? What is a mindset? These things come up so often in my blogging world that I thought I would dig a little deeper into its meaning.

Many Facebook groups talk about the freedom Lifestyles and the mindset you need to have it. But, what is it really? By Biggest inspiration and the go to for questions has been Freedom Junkies.

According to Freedom Junkies, “Self care is critical for our physical, emotional and mental health. And it’s a vital part of finding your purpose and living a freedom lifestyle”

Saskia Steidel “The freedom to do things MY WAY, with all the consequences. The freedom to CHANGE my mind, to try a new path if I feel like I need to”.

Marie Hernandez – “A freedom lifestyle means living a life that is self-designed. Saying yes to things you love and no to things you don’t. The freedom to choose what is going to be part of every minute of every day of the rest of your life”.

Mindset Self Discovery

But I am on a self discovery with my traveling partner to find out what it means for us. If you follow our travel blog, Oh What a Journey you know that we are not the travel bloggers convincing you to give up everything and travel full time. For us that’s just not realistic. So we as Semi-Adventurous travelers show you how to have a great, safe, fun and semi-adventurous vacation.

So how do we get into a mindset for a Freedom lifestyle? I think we are on a much slower plan than most.

That doesn’t mean I am not looking for a freedom lifestyle in the future, in fact everything I do is leading up to that, eventually.

Planning Stages – Weeks or Years?

Are you planning your freedom lifestyle for next week, month or year? I am planning for 5 years from now, that is my realistic goal. It seems so far away but it will mean financial security for us.

What would you have to do to be living a freedom lifestyle in weeks? What about even a year from now? Is it possible for you? Questions I would love to know.

Donna Upshaw – “I think a true freedom lifestyle is deciding exactly what you want to do, making a plan to follow, and, most important of all, exercising COURAGE to live that way”

My plan involves many stages over the next 5 years. That means I have time to plan and implement all I need to have a freedom lifestyle. As you can see I am well on my way to achieving my goals.

Freedom Lifestyle Plan

  1. Work only contract jobs – check
  2. Travel as much as possible – check
  3. Start a travel blog, build following
  4. Start an event planning business on line – check
  5. Build client list
  6. Train as a travel agent – check
  7. Get TICO certified – check
  8. Find a travel agency to work with as outside sales rep – Check

Contract Jobs to pass the time

Because I work in one the best professions in the world – Event Planner, I am afforded the luxury of mainly working contract jobs. Which means I can take a break after the job is done to travel and relax before the next contract starts.

I was once in a place like Joleen and I swear I will never go back.

Joleen Jernigan – “I was in a corporate job that had me working way way way too much, too hard, with stress through the roof. I went through months at a time where I’d cry nearly every day (work stress, grief from losing friends and hormonal mumbo jumbo added up)”.

Do you have a freedom lifestyle?

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