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Flying Porter Airlines, it really is that easy!

Flying Porter

Flying Porter Airlines couldn’t be as easy as I have been told, I was wrong, and I may never go back. Don’t get me wrong as a nervous flyer I still had reservations about the small plane. I had to go to Ottawa for a couple of nights on business and thought this would be a good time to test out how easy it really is to leave from city Centre airport. I should say in Toronto there is the airport everyone knows about; Pearson and the one only locals seem to know about City Centre on the Toronto island.

Getting to the airport

I live about an hour away from Toronto and like many hates to drive into the city, so I wasn’t going to torture anyone else to do it by dropping me off. So, I decided to take the GO train, it is a 70-minute train ride that drops you off at the transportation hub of Toronto.

From there you walk about 5 minutes across the street to the west end of the Hotel Fairmont Royal York and catch the free Porter shuttle that takes you directly to the airport.

Once you get off the bus you may realize that you still must get to the island. You now have two options one, walk through the tunnel which takes about 10 minutes or a five-minute ferry ride. Since I avoid boats at all costs I walked in the tunnel. There are a couple long escalators, but it is super easy.

Flying Porter with carry on only

Since I was only going for two nights, I figured I could get away with carry on. I had been assured by a friend this was the way to go. So, I packed my carry-on bag and my backpack and off I went. Porter has an unusual way of checking bags. You don’t leave them at the counter you take them with you to the plane and just before you get on leave it on a metal rack beside the doors.

I went with what I thought was a little carry on Lug bag. Boy was I surprised to see the overhead compartments barely held my backpack. There was no way my carry-on bag was going to fit above my head. I was told I could fit it under my seat. I thought no way, that space is tiny, what am I going to do?

To my surprise again the seats are much larger with much more room. My bag fit nicely under the seat with room to spare for my feet.

On board amenities when flying with Porter

OK, so my friend wasn’t kidding about the free drinks and I mean beer and wine included. Although I did not partake as I was on business. I think my husband would have enjoyed the beer that came in a tallboy can. The snacks are also not 4 almonds, or a cookie wafer it is a bag of chips, or almonds or a couple of shortbread cookies. It was very nice break from pulling out the credit card on the plane.

Flying with Porter conclusion:

The planes are smaller, the runway shorter and the take-off faster but, yep I will definitely be doing that again.


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