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Fall Camping at Valens Conservation

Fall camping at Valens is the best and if you’ve never tried it I highly recommend it. You may have read some of my other posts about our adventure into the vintage trailer restoration and how slowly that is going. But that doesn’t stop us from getting out there and doing some camping. Because of various other commitments we had over the summer we could only make it to the camp ground about 3 or four times at most. But come fall we get more in.

Our family has been coming to Valens since our kids were small. The whole family came, kids, cousins, grandparents, brothers etc. you get the point, we love Valens. Over the years we have tried many options for camping, small tents, huge tents, pop up trailers and finally our vintage 1973 Rambler is a keeper.

Valens Campground: Dogwoods section

This is our preferred section at Valens as it allows radios, every other section is radio free. However, that means you will have competing genres of music with a bit of acoustical guitar thrown in. But it allows us the most privacy and the added convenience of the cleanest comfort station.

This weekend there are exactly 4 camp sites occupied in the dogwoods and three of them are along my road of course.

Packing up the site and trailer
Valens, Dogwood Section

Cedars & Trillium Sections

Both of these areas at Valens have great spots as well and many of them are private. The only down side is that you are not necessarily near a comfort station and only a modern-ish outhouse. Both of these areas are also radio free. I will mention here that the whole park is alcohol free so don’t expect to bring out the drinks at Valens. You will also find in these sections that most of them are not electric sites and it is a water tap every few sites.


Beach Area

The beach area at Valens is nice and has lots of space but a small parking lot. Many times, we found ourselves parking in fields. There are tons of picnic areas with tables and a couple of pavilions you can rent out. Although there are no picnic tables close to the beach. This is good and bad; it keeps the area available to more people but leaves no where to sit and eat.

The water is a man made lake and is OK to swim in. It often tests high for e-coli and you can’t swim in the water but it depends on the year and weather. 2019 has a been a good year for swimming.

Of course, Valens is experiencing the same thing many areas of southern Ontario are with high water levels which means the actual sand area has shrunk.

Grass area leading to beach
Snack hut and washrooms at the beach

Dogs at Valens

Fall camping means less dogs as well which for us makes life so much easier. Our dog is a rescue and not the most congenial to other dogs, people, squirrels, falling pine cones you get it, she barks, a lot.

So, in the fall we can walk on a bit longer leash and not have to worry about another dog darting out from under a trailer or behind a tent and starting a full who can bark louder contest.

Now there isn’t an official area for the dogs at the beach but there is a boat launch that you can take your dog to, and many do.  In the summer there is no less than 5 dogs in this small area.

That is one thing that this park could do that would make all the difference to many is create an off leash fenced in area for dogs. Mine only needs five min of running then she’s done.

Overall I highly recommend this park to anyone looking for a camping adventure any time of the year.

Next review will be of Thanksgiving at Pinery Provincial Park, follow Oh What A journey – Camping


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