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Have you ever Wanted to Renovate a Trailer?

Renovate Trailer

Our journey has taken a twist, for the better I assure you. Have you ever dreamed of buying the camper trailer and gutting it?  Doing some renovations then making your own. That is exactly what we did. We have been semi-seriously looking around for awhile. But, with camping season creeping up on us we knew they would start getting more expensive. So, when we saw our 1973 Rambler that had been already started with the renovation, we knew we had to have it.

Start a new Trailer Journey

Let me tell you about the day we bought it first because it was one of the luckiest days ever. It was a Wednesday and I had just quit my job on Friday to devote my time to start my own business. Side note I am also an event planner. But I had done a few interviews and hadn’t heard back but I was confident one way or another I was going to make it work.

OK, back to the lucky day Wednesday. First, I got the email, a job offer! And I must say the best job ever, 14-month contract 5 minutes from my house. So first awesome thing of the day. Next, I see the trailer online for $1200 and it’s only a short drive away to look at it. After a few emails, we decided we are taking it and we are off to find a hitch ball thing for the truck.

After some searching at Home Depot, we find they don’t have the right size, I make a call to Nando’s trailer (small plug) and they have it.  It is now 5:55 pm and he is closing but says he will wait for us, Lucky. After a quick turn around, we head there and arrive at 6 pm and he is waiting for us, connects the hitch ball thing (I will learn the name eventually) and it cost half the price of Home Depot, lucky.

Taking the Trailer home

Now, we are on the highway heading to pick up our dream. After a few looks and questions, we ask for a better price. Of course, because you must negotiate, he accepts $800.

All hooked up and we are heading home, or so we thought, we forgot the ownership. Circle around grab that and now we are off, or so we thought. Yep, forgot the sway bar that was included. Circle around and pick it up and now we are off. OK, we got home and forgot a bill of sale, you would think we have never bought anything in our lives. Got it by email.

Now our beauty sits in a friend’s driveway while Jeff tears it apart. So many things to get ready for new floors, walls, and insulation.

I can’t wait to write about this new journey and oh the places we will go.

Oh, I did say this was a lucky day right, I also won $100 on a lotto ticket.

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