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Does Health affect Happiness?

I was sitting in my office one day and it came to me, I wasn’t feeling happy, and then I was feeling kind of sick.

Do you ever feel like our happiness is directly related to our health? I do, I started recognizing this a while back. Do you wonder why suddenly you feel down, or sick or get a cold a lot? I used to think I just had a bad immune system and I caught everything. Now I am realizing that when I get bored at work or am not enjoying the job as much as I once did, I get sick more often. How to find happiness is a challenge. As I start a new contract I am already wondering if this was the right move for me. Time will tell and hopefully go by fast.

Employment Vs. Happiness

My illnesses seem to be mostly related to whatever my current employment is. I work on contract for this reason. I can’t imagine being in a role that could eventually get boring. The longest I have been with one employer was 5 years and even that was a contract I knew had an end date. My positions have been exciting, taking me across the country and working with people from all over the world. So for the most part I have been happy. Although there are moments in every job that I start to think, “is this it”? Should there be more, should I be doing more? Although I may be ready for a settle down time now that I am going to be a grandma. Stay in one place for a few years.

I have always wanted to be one of those people who travel to third world counties to build homes, save animals or work in an orphanage. I am not sure what held me back, time, money, family fear, probably fear. But now I am past that and looking for life outside my cubicle.

Yep, this is me working for the Olympics

Travel to Happiness

Most people think that travel will refresh them and for the most part it does. But is it long enough to truly refresh, feel better and get perspective? I have travelled on a lot of one-week vacations, and it is wonderful to escape to an all – inclusive resort and lay on a beach chair. But is that where you will find happiness?

I found true happiness on a pilgrimage. It took five weeks of walking. Fending for my own accommodations, food and protection. On my Camino I was able to let go and forget about work, stress, everything. I felt for sure this is what travel was meant to be like.

The Camino is said to be divided into three sections. The first being physical, you’re starting the walking working though the blisters and long distance. The section is the mental a stretch of the Camino known as the meseta. I time to think, wonder, work though whatever it is you need. The third is the spiritual, a time to find your inner spirit, religion or purpose for being on the Camino.

During the Meseta I had my breakdown as you may read many people do. I was having a hard time in my work; relationship and I had been walking for what seemed like forever. I had a spider bite that sent me to the doctors, it was too much. I just stopped in the middle of the path and started crying, bawling actually. It felt good to let it out.

Sometimes a week is just not enough time to de-stress and find your happiness again. And of course I love to be with my husband who makes me so happy.

True Mental Health

With today’s awareness to mental health I wonder why we didn’t recognize this early. Studies suggest that being happy may help combat stress, boost your immune system even protect your heart and reduce pain. But what if you can’t get happy? I have a daughter with anxiety so have dealt with it in one way or another for many years but never recognized it in myself till recently. I am not sure how to take care of my own mental health.

The definition of mental health is different for everyone and there is no one box we all fit into. I feel the most mentally healthy when my work is active and exciting, and I feel like I am making a difference.

How have you found true mental health, is there such a thing?

Hoping to find my Happiness!

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