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Geocache, I know, what is it? Well, this year has been a tough one for most of us, either working from home, staying at home, or like some (me) making the most of just being home putting on some COVID-19 pounds. So, I am tired of this, I can’t travel and we can’t go out. I need something to do. So, I discovered Geocaching.

It’s a funny story we have been addicted to watching travel shows on TV and dreaming of all the places we want to go when we discovered a show called Word Travels. Not your typical travel show it’s about two travel writers on assignments if some cool places. They find unique and quirky things to write about. One of the shows featured geocaching. I found this fascinating.

Geocache App

It’s very simple to check out the app online and sign up, it’s free for the basic account. I figured I would start with this then upgrade later. The app is easy to use and the website has tons of information to help you along. There is also a huge Facebook community for it and probably one for your city or town. I joined a local one for my province and the worldwide one for when I can travel again.

My first Cache

So off we went on a Saturday afternoon to find my first geocache. We drove to park in an area and then hiked through the woods following the map online until we were in the right spot. Because of recent snowfall, it was a bit harder to find. If you are having trouble there is always a “hint” you can check for more help. Once I looked at the hint we knew exactly where to look.

The Geocache box.

When you out looking for these elusive geocaches, they could be anything from a jar to a lockbox. The first one I found was a cute little snap shut box. Inside the box would be a notepad or booklet that you sign your name to with the date. The first one we found only had a few names in it. There could also be a surprise for you. A small trinket or toy that you can take and leave something behind.

Our first Geocache box

Trackable Geocache

This is what I am looking forward to when travelling. These are items in the box that want to travel and usually have a destination. It’s up to you to try and get it there. It could be a geocoin, tags, shirt, and more. There are some rules for the trackables so make sure you read up on them.

I wished I had known about this when I was in Machu Picchu that would have been a great cache to find. But it just gives me a reason to go back again!

Besides reading about our Geochache adventures you may want to see what else we have been up to in the past, follow Oh What a Journey for more of our semi adventurous travels.


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