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Day Two of the Unconventional Camino


Well day two is where our Unconventional Camino truly starts. If you read day one you know that we decided to change things up a bit.  Below is what our plan was, but this is what our plan ended up being.

As a group, we decided that we should skip a few of our stops and head right to Barcelos. With that, we asked our hosts what is the best way to get there. Their advice was to catch the city bus to Povoa de Varzim and then from the catch another coach bus to Barcelos.

So off we went after a nice café con Leche and pastry for breakfast to catch the city bus.  And as we waited and waited one of our group members (thanks Janice for saving us) happened to check the schedule at the bus stop and realized that it was Saturday and the bus did not run on weekends.


Getting to Barcelos via Povoa de Varzim

Now, what do we do? Well, the café we were at happened to be full so we asked around for anyone who spoke English to help us get a taxi. We found a very nice man who helped us get two taxis for our group to take us to Povoa de Varzim.

Thankfully our taxi knew exactly where we needed to go and took us directly to the bus station. Which was closed except for one food truck who seemed to run everything? So, they told us the next bus was at 2 pm and we could buy our ticket from the driver. This meant a three-hour wait. What else to do but have some lunch and a cold beer and wait. If you ever find yourself here waiting for a bus try the Portuguese sandwich, yes it is just hotdogs with cheese grilled on a bun but oh boy was it good.

Portuguese Sandwich
The only beer available
Waiting for our bus to arrive

Arrival in Barcelos of our Unconventional Camino

After wandering around a bit and asking many people where the Albergue was we finally found it. Albergue Cidade de Barcelos.  This was a small Albergue, only room for 25 pilgrims but we were lucky enough to get in with all six of us. You need to go to the café next door to get access. It was a cute place only one couch in the lobby to sit on. But it was close to many shops to pick up some food for the road. And of course free WiFi.

Unconventional Camino
Bunk beds at Albergue Cidade de Barcelos

Travelling with a Group

You may think that travelling with a group would be great and for the most part, you would be correct. Sometimes it wasn’t so great, personalities clash, people get on each other’s nerves and then throw in being tired and hurt and it could be a disaster. Luckily for us, for an unconventional Camino, we handled it pretty well.

A little update about the dynamics of our group. We are still getting to know each other and some personalities are emerging. For instance, Patty was our cheerleader, always encouraging and cheering us on.

We were all a bit cranky again at the end of this day even though we didn’t walk we did get lost and spend the day sitting around.

Patty, our beautiful cheerleader

Tomorrow we walk from Barcelos to Tamel  S. Pedro Fins and almost miss it getting lost. Stayed tuned to Oh What a Journey and see what happened.

Original Planned Stop

Day 2: May 11th  – Mosteiro de Vairao to Pedra Furada

22.1 KM, Leave by 7 am, Arrive in Pedra Furada by 2 pm

Albergue Pedra Furada (€10)


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