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Day Three: Getting Lost on the Camino


Day 3: May 12th  – Lost on the Camino: Barcelos to Tamel Pedro Fins

Being Lost on the Camino happens more than once, today was the first time. Day three of the Camino was planned to be a short one, only 10 Km. Our plan was to leave the Albergue by 8 am and arrive in Tamel Pedro Fins by 1 pm.

But of course, that didn’t work out. We started out from Barcelos with high hopes, today would be a short day since we skipped a couple of days previously. It started like any other day with coffee and a pastry. Some had packs shipped ahead and they had to be dropped off at the front lobby with the envelopes safely fastened to the pack.


What Happens on the Camino, is forever on the internet?

That’s right, there are no secrets here, the good the bad and the really ugly feet. Yes, our feet were blistered and sore and it took some tending to every evening and every morning to get going. But we quickly found what worked and cut our morning routine time in half shortly.

My Camino ladies have generously allowed me to write about them and our story.


Getting Lost on the Camino – it happens!

It happens more than you might think, even though we were following the lovely yellow arrows we missed our turn to get to the Albergue. Now, we could have kept walking to the next town but some of our groups’ bags were at that one.

This is the part of the story you never tell your kids. Where we accepted a ride from two total strangers. OK, here goes, probably my fault again I didn’t check the guide book often enough. When suddenly I realized we have probably been walking much longer than we should have for only 10 km. Climbing the hill and coming around the corner I was ahead of everyone and saw a small gathering of young men, early 20’s and asked if anyone spoke English. Luckily one did when I tried to figure out where we were he indicated that we had to turn around and go back about 5 km.

No way! Oh boy, now I had to tell the rest of the group when they caught up.  But luckily we had a very vocal person in our group who basically did not give them a choice but to take pity on us poor ladies and offer to drive us back to the hostel. I did say there were six of us and we would not fit in the jeep all at once. So, he made two trips, yes two trips.  He dropped off three of us and went back and got the others.

We couldn’t believe how nice these young men were. We offer some money for gas and had to force them to take it.

I do have to say this kind of thing does happen on the Camino, kindness of strangers is common.

Lost on the Camino
Our heroes who drove us to the Hostel

Tamel S. Pedro Fin Hostel

So, we arrived at about 1 pm still so not far off our timing having gotten lost on the Camino, but we were checking into a municipal Hostel and it doesn’t open until 3 pm, so we had time to kill. Nothing some shade and cool grass couldn’t fix. They even have a little pond in the far back of the lawn where I went and soaked my feet for a bit. The cold water felt great.

There was nothing open of course and nowhere to go. So we waited in line. More people showed up and made the time go faster with some new people to talk to.  I have to say until now there had been very few people we met along the way.

Lost on the Camino
The Municipal Hostel Rooster

Shipping bags on the Camino

This is a very common thing and many people do it. Don’t be ashamed if you ship your bag. As I mentioned two of the ladies in our group made arrangements to ship their bag the whole way which was great, they had it all arranged. But, if you didn’t know you cannot ship bags to or from a municipal hostel. That means it will show up at any number of bars or stores around the hostel. And getting lost on the Camino means losing time during the day and finding your bags later on.

Lucky for us, there was only one alternative in Tamel and it was across the road. Therefore it made it very easy to drop off in the morning.

We arrived early and we were very hungry so we asked around. The host said he could order pizza for us, alright! So we ordered some pizza for our group, did some hand washing in the sink. There is a close line in the back where you can hang you clothes up and with good wind and sun they dry very quickly.

After a good night’s sleep and some planning for our walk the next day it was time to turn in to our bunk beds.

Stay tuned for the next post where I finally introduce you to the Camino Ladies 2019.

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Casa da Recoleta (€5)

Peregrinos Hostel Casa da Recoleta – Municipal Hostel of Peregrinos de Barcelos very frequented, because it is located strategically in one of the main stages of the central or medieval way to Santiago.

Between Barcelos and Ponte de Lima. It is already an international reference in this medieval pilgrimage. In 1633, Belchior da Encarnação, native of Basto, decided to take the life of a hermit next to the Chapel of Our Lady of Portela de Tamel. There he built houses where he lived in solitary penance for 40 years. António Pinheiro Velho, of the Collegiate of Barcelos, joined him in 1673.

The two hermits then founded Recoleta da Portela. In 1720 it had seven brothers, but in 1737 it had only two and was donated to the Order of St. Francis. In 1745 it was delivered to the Archbishop of Braga and later sold to individuals. The Building was acquired by the Municipality of Barcelos in 2007 to serve as a Pilgrims’ Hostel. The reconstruction works began in August of 2008. The Hostel of the House of the Recoleta of Tamel S.


Casa da Recoleta Municipal Hostel of Peregrinos de Barcelos

Albergue de S. Pedro Fins – Tamel – Barcelos
Rua da Recoleta, 100
4750-714 Barcelos Braga

Phone: +351 253 884 360




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