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Day 4 – Tamel to Ponte de Lima


Day 4: Tamel Pedro Fins to Ponte de Lima

Getting to Ponte de Lima was our goal today, so we set out nice and early. We left at 6:30 am and plan to arrive by 3 pm. It was going to be another long day with 25 Km ahead of us.

It was a beautiful walk and I actually don’t remember much of it. This is one of those days that blur into the rest of the walk.

Ponte de Lima Plans

Our plan once we got to Ponte de lima was to have a restful day and then take a bus a few stops over some large hills and get right to Valenca.  After that, we would cross over the border right into Tui for the night.

I spoke before about how our Camino was unconventional, and some may not see it that way. But I met an Australian couple in the Pousada on this day that changed our Camino. I asked them how they arrived so early? The couple had already showered, changed and were heading out to look around when we were just getting in.

They told me their secret, that changed everything for us. They were taking a taxi for the first 5 or so Km’s every day to get them over the hills and avoid climbing. Then they carried on and finished the day walking only about 15 KM. I couldn’t believe it, brilliant. I know, I know some you are screaming right now that’s cheating. Who’s it cheating only ourselves and we were not here to win a prize. After all, we wanted to enjoy ourselves too.

So I kept that little secret in my back pocket for future days.

About the Pousada do Juventude

Anyway back to our journey. As you can imagine arriving a bit late in the afternoon meant that we had to rush around to get some laundry done. This hostel does not have a great laundry facility, there is no sun to hang your clothes in. We ended up hanging them out the windows of our rooms.

The rooms were a good size, bunk beds of course with nice windows that open up. We were there in May and I might also mention one of the hottest Mays on record. Therefore our room was really toasty. Patty asked for a fan and they seemed to have a few so we got one for our room, but it was brand new and we had to put it together ourselves.

Ponte de Lima
Our very hot room

Once we had showered and changed we were on a search for food. Not far, across the intersection and down some stairs in the back of a building were a few restaurants. One nice one and one that was more of a cafeteria. We ate in the second one.

Staying in Casa do Arnado was our first choice but ended up staying in the Pousada de Jouventude, loosely translated Youth Hostel. I left the information about the Casa do Arnado just in case you are looking for some options

Posada de Juventude, Ponte de Lima

Rua Papa João Paulo II
4990-062 Ponte de Lima

T. (+351) 258 751
321/963 344 304 E.

Ponte de Lima
You can’t miss the building from the path

Casa do Arnado (€5)

The named Building, where Ponte de Lima is installed, was distinguished with one by the Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation, under the IHRU 2009 Prize for Construction and Rehabilitation, in the category of Isolated Rehabilitation of Real Estate, to assign distinctions to housing projects of social interest and to urban rehabilitation works.

The adaptation for Pilgrims’ Hostel emerged as a happy consequence of the evolution of modern life coupled with the tradition and customs of the past, attending to the growing number of people looking for the old medieval pilgrimage routes, which is a clear example of the Portuguese Way to. The 19th century building is located next to the Roman Bridge, on the section of the main itinerary, on Portuguese soil, of the mentioned Way.

Preserving its original characteristics, the restoration and conservation works respected the traditional techniques and materials, as well as their authenticity and compatibility, not forgetting, of course, the reinsertion of the House into the active life of the Ponte de Lima and the County.

Hostel for pilgrims
Largo da Alegria, Arcozelo
4990-172 Ponte de Lima

Mobile: (+351) 925 403 164

Hope you follow along to see what happens on day five as we beg and cry for a bus ticket, Oh What a Journey.


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