Seapro divers

Day 1 of the PADI Dive Certification (dives 1 & 2)

June 20, 2017
Seapro divers underwater dive skills

Dive Skills Testing

Today was the first dive of two for our PADI certification. We went with Seapro Divers in the Dominican Republic along Bavaro Beach. It was a quick pick up at 10 am to join a class already in session at another resort who were newbies too. We had to wait 15 more mins for the class to end but it was good to watch the class to refresh out memory. Jennifer (another Canadian) who taught the class was witty and knowledgeable about everything we needed.

Dive 1

PADI certification open water dive test

Seapro divers underwater dive skills testing

We had a small class/group of 7 including us which was nice since I was so nervous. SeaPro took control right away and had all of us orderly on and the boat in no time. Seapro staff were awesome and took us quickly the underwater”training site”. We followed the rope line at the front of the boat down about 20 feet and we were off like a herd of sea turtles. We all voted to do our skills portion first, get it over with. Then we visited a few areas with a soft bottom or grassy areas. After about 20 minutes we turned around to return the main boat so we could surface before the second dive.

Dive 2

The second dive also included a bunch of skills as well to complete and we were also eager to finish them first since there was a lot more exploration this time. We went a bit deeper, 25′ or so. The nice thing about the second dive is we felt much more confident at the bottom of the ocean. Jennifer once again lead us around kept order and track of where everyone was. A little tough when she has guys like me chasing aquatic squirrels to get “the shot”.

PADI open water dive test

Dive skill test, Kneeling on the bottom of the ocean

Overall a great day and not anywhere near as bad as we were dreading. The staff put us at ease from start to finish.


Cheers! Jeffrey

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