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Cuba Wedding at an All-Inclusive: Resort Review

I convinced my husband a few years ago to try Cuba one more time; he had a bad experience before he met me. We had a great time so he was open again to try it this year and since we were going with a wedding he really didn’t have much of a choice. We flew with AirTransat and upgraded to options plus. The options plus allows more luggage weight, free champagne, and snack, worth every penny.

Jeff and I travel at least once a year to an all-inclusive. There are some things to look for when making this choice. First, what do you want out of a vacation?  My husband wants good food, I want a nice beach. This trip had a few compromises, we had OK food and the beach was a bit rocky in parts. There are so many options to look for, pool or beach, buffet or restaurants, standard or premium,(always go premium if you can) and then there is the flight times, arrival time, distance from the airport so many things to consider. Once all those decisions are made when you have decided are you set on going to one country or are you open to new places?

Food in Cuba

The food was OK and I mean that, just OK. We stayed at the Warwick Cayo Santa Maria. It was a great place; they really did try hard (mostly). The 5 star was about a 3 but there were some nice aspects of the place, the pool was huge and the drinks flowed freely.  We also must have been in a downtime because there were no more than 100 people on this huge resort which was great for us as a group of 15 who wanted to get pool chairs together. This meant also that it was quiet and I could get caught up on some much-needed reading.

Shopping in Cuba

Now, even though everything you want or need is included and at the resort, it is nice to explore the area you are in. We only got to go to a purpose built tourist town for a bit of souvenir shopping but I did have a great glass of Sangria. On our return, we decided not to take the bus but got an old-time Chevy convertible which Cuba is famous for and enjoyed the ride back with the top down.  We also try our best to fit in snorkeling when we can and luckily this hotel had some pretty good options right off the beach, so we took our group to the beach gave everyone a quick lesson and then headed out to the ocean.


Oh and one last really cool note we got to see the crew of Fast and Furious 8, they were filming on the causeway to Santa Maria.

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