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Certified Meeting Professional, CMP

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Being a Certified Meeting Professional, CMP for short use to mean something, I am not sure it does anymore. I was certified in 2005 when only a handful of people were CMP’s in all of Canada. Back in 2005 when I was still trying to explain to family and friends what I did for a living I was supported by the association I worked for to get my CMP. I studied hard, did all the requirements, wrote the 3-hour exam. I passed and was welcomed into a privileged group. It meant something to be a CMP, now I am not so sure.   Now I wonder if my experience is enough?

Is CMP Worth it or not?

I love events, all events, conferences, meetings, festivals, sports, etc. you name it I would plan it. Except for weddings, not a fan of weddings. But now in 2021 after losing two jobs to COVID, and let’s face that’s not going away anytime soon I find myself questioning whether it’s worth renewing or not.

I wrote the exam over 15 years ago, is it still relevant now? I do the required professional development, go to conferences, take courses to generally keep up to date on trends. But I would do that whether I needed it for my CMP or not. So, do I renew for another five years and keep up with the professional development, tracking everything I do only to just pay another fee to renew again?

Being an Event Planner

Is 20 plus years of experience worth more than an exam I wrote 15 years ago? This is what I am struggling with now. Along with the state of the Event industry more than anything I wonder if now is the time for a career change? But change to what, events is all I know and love. So how do you convince an employer I am not a party planner but a strategic thinker. I don’t decorate, I enhance an events marketability with coordinated themes. I am more!

Events come in all forms and I love them all, I also travel and because of that, I became a TICO certified travel agent. Add that to the risk management courses I have taken along with volunteer development and you will find a very well-rounded highly experienced person. Does the CMP still make a difference?


Supporting associations

15 years ago it was the Certified Meeting Planner, CMP. Suppliers started getting the CMP so they changed it to Professional. This was administered by the Convention Industry Council, also now renamed to Events Industry Council. There have been many changes over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that you have to be involved. Whether it’s with the EIC or another organization like MPI or PCMA. But they, of course, cost money to join and it’s not cheap, so unless you have a company willing to pay for your membership it’s likely you don’t join.


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