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Caribbean Break Vacations & Marriott Hotels

Caribbean Break Vacations is a phone scam.

A funny call just came into my cell phone a few moments ago.  I just received a robocall claiming to be Marriott Hotels & Resorts and then “press 1” to claim your vacation package.  I normally wait to see if these things have a “please remove me” option.  Can you imagine my surprise when a live person comes on the line?  It seems I was transferred to Caribbean Break Vacations which claims to be a partner with Marriott and other resorts.  What, we just stayed at the Marriott. I even gave them my cell phone number. It must be legit.

In NO way do we think they had any connection to the Marriott chain and this is not a reflection on the hotel chain!

They gave me an unbelievable offer…

Too unbelievable for me. When I resisted they cut the price in half. I continued to question and I was passed off to a “Promotions Manager”. I resisted and he offered me a 3rd free vacation.  All I had to do was give my credit card to some guy at Caribbean Break Vacations.  Why not right?  I can alway cancel, can’t I?  That’s what he kept sayingBe safe from Scams

The constant adding of more benefits and the pressure to sign up didn’t make sense and made it all the more scam-like. I asked for a name and number where I could call them back  Albert said that the programs are set up so that once the offer is made it has to be taken or they move on to the next person (aka, sucker).

I did a quick web search and found trip advisor posts that claimed it was a SCAM. When I mentioned this they finally hung up on me. I guess they figured I was on to them. The posts also called them Cancun Dream Vacation, Cancun Special Promotions, and Cancun Caribbean Vacations.

Poor guys.

These guys were good, I even had my credit card in my hand. I almost told them I was a travel blogger. Well, they wanted me to spread the word about what they were offering.  They said that’s why it was such a good deal.  Please be careful out there in the wild world.  We would love to travel like they offered but being taken like that would have put us back a few trips if not more.

Good luck, stay safe and happy travels.



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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on these guys! We have to be careful. Travel bloggers really need to research, as you did, to be sure something is legit.

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