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Camper Trailer Renovation Part 2

Renovate Trailer

Well, by now you know we are in the beginning stages of our trailer renovation. Our first trailer is a 1973 Rambler. We bought it just over a month ago. It was in very good condition and someone had already started gutting it.

That means lots of U tube and lots of trial and error. In this post, I am catching you up on what we have done so far and some things we have learned.

Insulating a trailer

This takes longer than I thought, especially since we are storing the trailer somewhere other than our home. But as you can see we have gotten almost all the insulation cut and put in. We decided on the double layer so that when we have wiring going through we only have to cut the outer layer of insulation. The inner one stays intact against the outer wall.

Working with the curved areas took a bit of trial and error. Finally, we figured out if we scored the insulation on one side is bent. Then it fanned out nicely to fit the curves.

We are using a hardboard – Styrofoam Cladmate CM20 insulation from Lowes, it may not be as easy as the softer fiberglass but it was cheaper.

Trailer Renovation

Measure Once Cut Ten Times!

There are a lot of little spaces and nothing is square in the old trailers. So, we had a lot of cutting and fitting and filling in to do with some spots. Luckily the insulation was easy to cut, just score it a bit once and snap it off.

There are some nooks and crannies that we had to stuff in some of the fiberglass insulation because there was no way to cut a proper size, like around the wheel wells. And behind some of the curved ceiling, we decided not to remove.

Trailer Renovation Trailer renovation insulation day

Trailer Renovation – Decoration

I got to start the decorating this weekend too with some material for curtains, Canadian Theme, follow along for that post coming soon!


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2 thoughts on “Camper Trailer Renovation Part 2”

  1. Can’t wait to see the next update! Now that it’s not in my drive way I have to read these posts to see what’s happening 🙂

  2. The spray foam works good for those irregular places ( me and fiberglass don’t get along ) . Just be sure to get the low expanding kind for this work (there’s about 3 or 4 different types at Home Depot, in a couple of sizes of cans) — you don’t want it to explode out all over everything and mess up your hard work. Rubber gloves when using that stuff is also a good idea. Trim with a craft knife after its hardened for 24 hrs.

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