Camino update

By on September 14, 2013

Well the days are running into each other so i am going to give updates on the highlights. on day 11 we stayed in a town called Atapuerca where apparently the oldest human remains were found. We stayed in a great municiple hostal that had sorta private rooms, it was great. After that we walked to Burgos which pretty much killed me, i limped in to the city. the camino goes through a very ugly part of the city, very industrial and a long walk to get through to the albergue, lucky for us we were looking for a hotel. because my foot hurt so bad we found a very nice hotel for 75 euros and checked in for a good rest, but jeff had other plans to see the city.  I am glad we went out we went for a tour of the Catherdral and it was amazing they give you a headset to listen in your language to the history of the cathedral but it was a lot of information to take in and eventually i gave up and just lookec around and took lots of pictures. from Burgoswe took a bus to Fromista and i know some people may think that was cheating but at leats i kept moving forward and didn’t quit. my foot needed the rest. once we got to fromista we checked into an albergue which we thought would be cool, a converted railway station, it was not! this was the most rustic we have spent a night, i can’t even describe how bad the bathroom shower was. We left Fromista as soon as we could in the morning about 7 am we were gone and walked 20.5 km to Carrion de le condes.

more to come later but it is dinner time.

Buen caminoIMG_3925

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    Theresa Z.

    September 15, 2013

    Hi MIchelle,

    You’re doing great. Today is the Terry Fox annual walk/run for Hope. Hope he inspires you today to continue on your adventure and get through another day on your personal journey.

    Stay strong. See you soon!


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    Lisa Allain

    September 16, 2013

    Hi Michelle!

    We are thinking of you here at the office. All is well in Toronto and some cool weather has arrived. I’m sure your perseverance will see you through the incredible distances you have to travel daily. Cherish the moments!

    Would love to hear from you on email at llarca@rogers.com

    Looking forward to more Timmy time soon!

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      September 18, 2013

      Hey Lisa thought of you the other day we werein a town with a ton of wild cats, they seem to be everywhere now andthey all looked starved. I am doing good we have some cool weather here too heading into Galacia will be colder wehad to buy a sweater. So my blistered feet have healed but then i got bit by a spider and have been to the hospital twice had to have a shot and got two prescriptions. My hand was so swollen and red i couldn’t move my fingers. It is getting better now but i was worried for a bit. As soon as i can i will post pictures. Buen camino.

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