Camino update good, bad and really ugly finger:-)

By on September 18, 2013

Well our walks turned boring for awhile but we have made some great friends seen some magnificant sunrises and seen the inside of two emergency clinics. My blistered foot healed up and then about four days ago I got bit by a spider, and my hand turned red, purple and swelled to sausage size and hurt like nothing i have ever expereinced. so went to the doctor and got anitbiotics for the infection but the ne t day it was getting worse so went to another doctor who gave me a shot and some more drugs. doing better now and am getting some motion back in my hand.

other than that we are having a great time in Spain, but for anyone who thinks this is a great way to lose weight you would be wrong, my muffin top has be ome a bread belly, so much food and really good wine. We are meeting people from all over the world and exchanging contacts. We have officially pasted the half way mark now and according to my calculations should arrive i  Santiago on Oct 3.

We go into as many  churches as we have time for, most of them are so over the top with ornament and gold. the history of some are amazing.

Buen camino!


what my finger looks like getting better, still an uglgy finger



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    September 19, 2013

    Hi Michelle:
    I am your Mom”s neighbor Susan….Thank you for posting your adventure. I am enjoying living your trip through your posts. Hope your finger gets better soon..Keep going it will be so worth it to accomplish something that others can only dream about.

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