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Camino training with weekend hikes

Camino training

Are you Camino training by only doing weekend hikes? Me too. I walked the Camino Francis already over five weeks and now I am heading to Portugal in only 3 more weeks to walk the Camino Portugues.  This time I haven’t been taking it as seriously as I did the first time.

First Camino training

My first Camino training started with small walks, they eventually built up to a longer one with my pack on. I would plan each walk, how far to go each time, how many breaks I would need. My backpack was weighed and readjusted and then weighed again to find the perfect fit and weight distribution.

I guess this is what you do the first time you attempt anything so memorable. I was so worried I wouldn’t make it to the end. Then I arrived in Spain and guess what, I was right.  The very first day I thought I was going to die and it was only a small hill the Alto de Perdon just outside Pamplona. My feet got blisters, they were sore and at the end of my five weeks, I had to say goodbye to two toenails.

Camino training
Climbing the Alto de Perdon
Climbing to Alto del Perdon

Was it worth it? Absolutely. That’s why I am doing it again.

Second Camino training

This time is a very different Camino training program. Walk when I can, a bit longer walks on the weekend, maybe throw on my pack for some added weight. But, I can tell you I am not stressing over it. I am also taking a group of 5 other women with me, one I know well other just getting to know. So I am sharing my wisdom of walking a long distance with them.

Knowing what to expect is half the battle, so I got that part done. Our small but mighty group has met in person once. I have skyped with others and one I regularly have coffee with. Now, if I can just focus on the stamina of walking up to 24 km a day.  Any more than that and I know I won’t make it.

Best training techniques

So what are the best Camino training techniques? There is none, you have to figure out what is best for you. While on my first walk, I met a group that was well into their 80’s and flying past me. But, then I met a fitness trainer who blew her knee out and couldn’t finish. You just never know.

Back Pack Travel blog
Training with my Gregory Jade Backpack

Share your Camino training techniques with my group as the six of us head out on May 8th for our Camino Portuguese

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  1. We found that it made a difference to find the right weight for our packs. Our first time I could only carry 12 pounds, the second and third hikes I found 20 pounds was very comfortable. Enjoy your journey! I can’t wait to see photos! Bien Camino my friend!

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