Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago known in English as the Way of Saint James  leading  Pilgrims to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela 

800 Km – Camino Francis

610 Km – Camino Portugues


Camino Blogs


Day Two of the Unconventional Camino

Well day two is where our Unconventional Camino truly starts. If you read day one you know that we decided to change things up a bit.  Below is what our plan was, but this is what our plan ended up being. As a group, we decided that we should skip a few of our stops

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An Unconventional Walk: Porto to Santiago

Porto to Santiago de Compostela Join me as I retell the Porto to Santiago story of how six ladies bonded over long walks, blisters and shared washrooms. Our unconventional walk to Santiago will prove there are many ways to get there. I walked the Camino Francis in 2013 and thought I knew what to expect,

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Camino Portuguese

Camino Francis vs. Camino Portuguese

There is no real winner they are both great, but so far I have only walked the Camino Francis in 2013. I am planning to walk the Camino Portuguese in 2019 with five other women. The planning for my Camino Francis started three years in advance, mainly because I had no idea what I was

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Hostel Etiquette on the Camino

Hostel etiquette may be slightly different from the regular party hostel you stayed at in Paris or London. There are things you do not normally ask a stranger or comments you may not make unless you are on the Camino. So let’s dive into Camino hostel etiquette. Camino questions? Yes, you can ask about people’s

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Spain Camino walking backpack

Why walk the Camino de Santiago?

Should you still walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela? It has been glamorized by Movies, books, and even UTube, it has been portrayed as a torturous walk not for the weak at heart, the answer is Yes! It has grown in numbers from 1986 there were 2,491 pilgrims to 2017 with over 300,000 pilgrims.

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Hike Camino walking poles

Camino Guides, Books and Movies to Inspire You

  Guides, and inspiring stories to read before your  Camino Pilgrimage Camino Guides, Books and Movies to Inspire you. Insights that were informative, eye opening and just hilarious. This was one of the ways I prepared for my Camino. How are you getting to know all the options, possibilities, roadblocks and sights to see along

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welcome to The Way

Camino de Santiago has many routes, finding your Way is part of the journey.

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