There is no real winner they are both great, but so far I have only walked the Camino Francis in 2013. I am planning to walk the Camino Portuguese in 2019 with five other women.

The planning for my Camino Francis started three years in advance, mainly because I had no idea what I was doing and need lots of prep time.

My planning for the Camino Portuguese started 9 months in advance. I have a good idea what I need to do and how to prepare for this one. This time though I get to help the others plan as well.

Camino Francis Planning

As I mentioned I started planning three years in advance, it took that long for my husband to get on board. We planned for five weeks arriving in Madrid then taking the train to Pamplona where we started our walk. We walked for 32 days an average of 20km a day. With the exception of a few tough days, it was a good distance for us. We had planned for an extra night in Leon to rest up and have a private room for a change. It was nice not to have to wait in line for a toilet.

There was a couple of hiccups along the way, I got a spider bite and had to visit the hospital and take the bus to the next town.  There was also a day when with our Australian friend we had to catch a bus to make it to the next town.  We ended up spending too much time in Ponferrada playing Templar knights.

Packing for 5 weeks vs. 2 weeks

Nothing different yet, I will still only take three bottoms, two t-shirts, one sweater, etc. etc. it is so minimal for both that there is no difference.

I may not need as many Band-Aids or blister packs this time. I am well versed in how to take of my feet now.

Walk the Camino
Taking a break in the Shade

Now, the one big difference with my Camino Portuguese trip is I am travelling with five other women. It has been a thrill so far to share my experience with them and help them prepare. Although convincing some that they do not need as much as they think is a task.

Travel Plans for Camino Portuguese

I mentioned earlier about flying into Madrid, we also flew out of Madrid. However, I did not get to see Madrid.  This time our group is flying into Lisbon, training to Porto and walking to Santiago.

From Santiago, we will train to Madrid. This is a five-hour train ride but it is on a high-speed train that has food and bar cars in it, no worries here. Then we get to spend two days in Madrid.

Madrid Airport Camino Portuguese

Turtle Pond in the train station
Arriving at the train Station in Madrid

Follow our Camino Portuguese planning and trip on Oh What a Journey as five women travel across Portugal and

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