Camino de Santiago – What have I done?!?

By on September 1, 2013

The start of the Camino Journey

Camino de Santiago – August 31, Pamplona to Puente La Reina. 21.8 km. start: 6:30 am – finish 3:30 pm.


Alto del Perdon

We left Pamplona in the dark but it was still a beautiful walk. Before we left the city we found time to stop and get a cafe con leche and a pan de chocolat. This became the staple breakfast on the Camino. The way out of Pamplona is well marked and we made a good time.

Soon we came to the first challenge. Just after the town, Cizur Menor we encountered Alto del Perdon. It was a brutal climb and a just as brutal descent on the other side. Our walking poles came in very handy for this day.  Just about made us give up a few time before lunch. At the top of the Alto del Perdon, you will find great little van selling snacks, coffee, and pop.  He also helps those with any feet issues. It’s also one of the many photo op locations to stop and take a picture.

Not much time to rest gotta keep walking. We made it to Uterga where we had a simple but excellent lunch. I had a loin of pork sandwich or a hamon bocadill and a beer and Michelle’s sandwich was a chicken breast. We had lunch with 3 couples, one of who called it a day there. By the way, a beer is cheaper than water.

Starting a Blog Camino

Couldn’t wait

We limped to Punta La Reina tire, hot and sore where I celebrated by drinking too much beer.  The hospitalero wasn’t around so we couldn’t wait for the cold beer. The hostel we very nice. And the place we met some great friends we walked with and ate meals with many times over the next couple of weeks.

More about our journey coming…




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    leslie chilcott

    September 1, 2013

    gotta give ya credit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    September 3, 2013

    Nice! got to celabrate those hard days!

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