Camino de Santiago de Compostela

By on March 29, 2016

The planning for our Santiago de Compostela trip began 3 years before we prior. That includes the time it took to convince my husband, Jeff to go. Once he was on board we were ready to start and buy start I mean to go shopping!

Santiago de Compostela Shopping

The first thing you think of when going on a hike especially the Camino to Santiago is shoes. One of the best parts of the Camino was the shopping for the equipment before we left. We felt like celebrities while we spent 3 hours in the Sail store alone picking out hiking boots, and I highly recommend a boot not a shoe. I also found out that it is not always the most expensive shoe that is the best; I ended up buying a man’s Solomon hiking boot and they were exactly what I needed.

My hiking boots were so good I had them 3 years later when we went to Peru (another journey). My next few blogs are going to be about the preparation Jeff and I did to get ready for the 600 plus Km walk from Pamplona to Santiago Spain on the Camino Francis.

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Oh What a Journey!

Santiago de Compostela

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