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Camino Day 1 & 2 finally arrive



Camino Day One:

Camino update, ok, so I haven’t been able to log on till now. And I am on a tablet so this will be short and sweet.  Our flight was good and we slept most of it. When we arrived in Pamplona we easily found our way to the train station. Seems our economy car on the train did not have air conditioning though. First night in a hostel was a good experience, comfy beds and right in the city centre. We got up early and headed off to Puenta la Reina as our first destined stop on the Camino.

Alto del Perdon

Alto del Perdon

Along the way, we tackled Cizur Mayor to the Perdon del Alto approximately 750 meters above sea level. This hill is also known as the Hill of Forgiveness. Also, let me tell you nothing I did during my training prepared me for this hill. Straight up in the heat on a very rocky path, everything hurt or so I thought. That is until we started the treacherous downhill. This is where many people get hurt by falling.

Donde se cruza el camino del viento con el de las estrellas

where the path of the wind crosses that of the stars

Second Camino Albergue

Our feet hurt, legs hurt but we made it to Puenta la Reina and checked into Albergue Jakue. It is very nice and we met lots of people from all over the world, one of the many benefits of the Camino. Of course, surprise surprise Jeff had too much to drink but I must have been thirsty because the cold beer tasted great and I had two. Also, the menu del dia here always comes with a bottle of wine. Don’t forget to look for the quote on one of the monuments at the top.

Camino Day Two:

We started out a bit later today about 7 am and had a crummy Peregrino breakfast crummy orange juice, burnt toast, and coffee. More hills today and sore feet already oh boy! We chose one of the towns for lunch and then carried on for Estella. We didn’t make it! Once in Villateurta we decided to stop because I could barely walk another step. But it is good we are sharing a room with some people we met who we had seen on the walk and talked to. They are simply known as Seatle and Hawaii. Besides, everyone is identified by where they are from, we are the Canadians.  Our Albergue is nice and a perk, no bunk beds tonight.

I will try to be more active with my posts and let you know what is going on the views are great, the food is great and the people are great.

Buen Camino from the Camino

Finally, attached are just a few of my pictures oh and the one of me on the hill doesn’t look big but it was brutally long!

2 thoughts on “Camino Day 1 & 2 finally arrive”

  1. Way to go Michelle. You are on your way! Looking forward to following you and Jeff on your blog. Back to work tomorrow – but having a cocktail now to to toast to this amazing journey your have embarked. Cheers, T.! (TO2015)

  2. Keep up the good walking. Looking forward to the progression of your posts! Like the pictures … keep them coming!
    Stay strong and healthy and keep walking.

    Greg Muir

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