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How to buy a Back Pack for long Distance Hiking

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Where to Buy a Back Pack

Back Pack
Gregory Jade Backpack

I get to go shopping for a Back Pack. My husband (Jeff) and I are going for a walk, a very long walk.   As the first item on our list of things we need it may take the longest to pick out. I was right, after about 2.5 hours of trying them on found “the one” I wanted. The Store just had to make sure that I could get a larger hip strap I needed to be added. The hip belt is just as important and it has to fit right. If you have your backpack on right the weight will be distributed evenly between your shoulders and your hips. After a few disappointing phone calls, I found out that the one I needed wouldn’t come in until the end of Aug, no good. So off to another store.

This weekend we set off to Mountain Equipment Co-op hoping just to pick up the bag I wanted. Unfortunately, they don’t sell that one so we had to start from scratch. 2.5 hours later with many bags tried on and weighted down we both have our bags. I even got a colored one, Burgandy and Jeff’s is of course green. If your looking for a bag this is the one I had Gregory Jade.

What Size Back Pack You Really Need?

This depends on a lot of things. Man, Woman, height, weight, size, style there are so many options. The size of Back Pack also depends on the type of hiking you are p0lanning on doing. If for instance, you are staying in hostels or hotels or some form of accommodation, well then you can go with a smaller pack. But, if you are truly going all out for your hike and need a tent, food, cooking utensils etc. then you may need a bigger more rugged bag.

Key Features in a Back Pack

  1. Integrated, external rain cover. This is very important so you can get at it easy and quickly cover your pack.
  2. Front main compartment access panel, I found this much better than pulling everything out the top and having to repack again
  3. Interior hydration sleeve with hose port, you may not always use it but it is handy when you want hands free walking or your like me and a clutz who can’t drink from a bottle and walk at the same time.
  4. Hip belt pockets, very handy for that point and shoot camera, or a few bucks for beer

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