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By on September 5, 2013

Day 5 & 6

It seems I get to update every other day. I’m happy to report that today’s is a happier one. We have had two good days in the “Way”. The path has had less hills, for the most our bodies hurt a bit less although our feet are still a problem.

Over the last two days we have decided to ditch sticking to the book and trying to stick to between 15 & 20 km a day. Still hard but not as punishing. We also decided tStuart in the town of Longrono’s (there should be a mark above the n, but my keyboard is missing it) to say goodbye to one of our ladies from Italy who was going home for another year.

We got to town around noon and ate at a cafe for lunch, checked into our Hostel then went for a walk around the old part of the city. Breathtaking!  We went back, did some house keeping and then went to eat again.  We ended up on a street where every place had a different Tapas menu before calling it a night.

This morning we started out at 6:30 and walked out of the city through a huge park. It took over an hour just to do that but it was very nice.

In the next town we had lunch. I had my 3rd ham and cheese sandwich (which I ordered entirely in Spanish) and its the 3rd different style. I never know what kind of ham I’m going to get but they have all been great.  As we were leaving town we went into the towns church. I’ve been to the big church in Montral but it has nothing on all the gold behind this alter. WOW!

The trek to Ventosa was long and hot but fairly flat and smoothish. We checked in and met up with friends Tracy & Allen. We had a few drinks with them on a nice patio out back while the laundry washed then had a short sight seeing trip to the church. (Which was closed for Seista). A quick nap the off for a very nice dinner with Allen and Tracy.

As I sit here writing, the social room is filled with people speaking in 5 or 6 different languages. A storm is rolling in which may put a damper on the next few days but hopefully it won’t be too bad. So off to bed with high hopes the weather stays gooin


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