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Am I a Blogger?

WordPress Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

I write on a blog platform, therefore, I must be a blogger right? But everyone blogs now a day, travel, lifestyle, health, moms, family. You name it there is a blog for it. I traveled to some interesting places, Spain, Peru and a few others. Someone must want to hear how I did it or why? Obviously, I have an opinion about where I went and how I got there. Accordingly, I should share it with you!

So how do I or anyone else for that matter distinguish themselves from everyone else? Do I get a fancy website with lights and noises or do I pay someone to create it all for me?

Common Questions

These are the questions I ask myself as I learn to be a professional blogger. And one day maybe, just maybe I will get paid for my blogging.

  1. How on earth does a travel blogger get paid?
  2. Can I convince or brainwash people to reading my blog?
  3. Where do I find great stories to write about when I am not a full-time traveler?
  4. Who is going to teach me what SEO, CSS, SSL is?

Would you like to share a tip about writing a blog, how to build an audience? How you get paid on your blog? I would love to hear about it.


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1 thought on “Am I a Blogger?”

  1. WordPress offers some training courses for new bloggers. Alan and I attended one they held in Reno before we retired. You might want to check out if there will be one in a city near you or if they offer such training online. We learned a lot, but we weren’t interested in the getting paid for blogging but rather the technical stuff, writing frequency, etc. They do a great workshop though and it may be worth your time.

    Also look for TedTalks on the subject, they may offer some interesting viewpoints as well.

    Good Luck!

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