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What is The Best Travel App for you?

I bet 10 years ago a Travel App never crossed your mind when traveling. It was always, I guess we’ll see what seat we get on the plane or we can see what the hotel has when we get there. Now, as they say, there’s an App for that! And there is. You may be asking yourself why would I need an app? Or can the app really help me? The answers will be obvious below once you see what is possible.

Travel apps can take you from lost in a new city to knowing exactly where you are. Furthermore, they can tell you what the closest public transportation is. An app can elevate you to the person “in the know” about the flight status before anyone else. Believe me, an app can even get you out of a sticky situation in a foreign language.

I love apps, I like to download them, play with them and usually mess it up. But 95% of the time the app has been useful and worth the data to download. I may even have to buy a phone with more storage to accommodate the apps.

Below are the apps I have used, tried and rely on for travel.

Airline/Airport Travel App

WestJet – Guess what I have a travel credit and I keep searching the app for the best flight available, you can do this with almost any airline app

AirTransat – This app is great on an Ipad they have the movie download available before you board and then you are all set to watch what you want on board.

YYZ app – This is for Toronto Pearson airport, my home airport. I am sure there is one for every airport. Find out where the Duty-free is or the coffee stand.

E-Declaration – OMG I can’t believe this finally came out, skip that awful paperwork when arriving in Canada and fill everything out online and then scan a barcode when you get to the declaration machines, easy peasy!

Hotel Travel App

Agoda – I am new to Agoda and it came highly recommended by Goats on the Road so it’s definitely worth a look.

Airbnb – I used Airbnb for the first time last year. We found a great place in New Jersey for our trip to New York

Vacation companies App

Sunwing – I just recently used this one and did you know with this app you can make free phone calls home.

Iberostar –

Walking guides App

Towering Times Square Travel app
Making our way through Times Square

These are the ones we have used to date. But you can find a walking guide app for almost every city in the world.
Washington – This came in very helpful for our recent Road Trip to Washington with only two days to explore we had to make the most out of our time.

New York City – Again another weekend warrior Trip to NY with only 2 days to explore

Transportation Travel App

You will find that each city has a version of Uber, in NY we found Lyft.

Uber – Often a cheaper way of getting around town than traditional taxis

Big B Bus – This is a great tour app for hop on hop off tours. It is located in many major cities. We looked at it for our New York trip but decided against the paid tour. I just used the app for a great map of the city.

Language App

Spanish Dictionary & Translator+ – Since I tend to travel to Spanish speaking countries.


Don’t forget some fun personal Apps while you travel. There is inevitably a long plane or train ride in your future.

Reader Apps – like Kobo or Kindle, never be bored on a train or plane again.

Coffee Store App – mine is Tim Hortons which only works in Canada and some parts of the US. I guess I am going to have to find some universal coffee apps

Meetup App – when you’re trying to find a like-minded group in your area for an adventure.

Public Bike App – this will come in handy if you want to cover a large city in a short amount of time.

Travel Blog Travel app
Cycling the city

Pokemon Go App – OK this may be me but I like having a fun game to play we catch different Pokemon in different cities all over the world.

8 thoughts on “What is The Best Travel App for you?”

  1. Hey this is great! I Wish i had a second phone just for the apps.
    I find also a good universal travelling app is Microsoft Translator – it lets you take a picture of anything (like chinese menu) and translates it.


      I am doing just that getting a new phone one will be for apps and my underwater camera, got a new case for it.

  2. Matthew, The Kindred Traveler

    Great suggestions, thank you. Have you checked out Travello? I recently joined so new to it but its like FB|IG for travelers.

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