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BeerTown Public House: Cambridge

BeerTown Entrance

This frigid January morning we took a drive out to Cambridge and ended up having lunch at a great restaurant called BeerTown dedicated to, of course, beer. It turns out they make pretty good food too.

We made the trip so Michelle could pick up some boots she wanted. The boots were an excellent deal, so it was worth the hour drive!  Once we had finished spending her “Christmas Money,” I suggested we find a place to grab some lunch.  While checking out Trip Advisor, we found a place called BeerTown in Cambridge.  Well, that was a no-brainer, I love beer so a place named BeerTown must be awesome!  Now, it was worth my drive time too. Michelle said that a new location had just opened in Burlington, which is much closer to our home base in Hamilton, that sealed the deal.

It was bustling but not full. We arrived at 11:30 am for lunch, and it was a continuous stream of people coming in through the door. There were lots of servers on hand who paid excellent attention to everyone. I also noticed that the manager was making the rounds and seemed to check in with each table.

Our server, Kaitlin, was friendly and knowledgeable of all the beers and the menu. She made some helpful suggestions about my beers and our lunch. Not that I needed a lot of help. Even though they have over 60 bottles, 20+ “always” available drafts, eight rotating taps, and a Cask Special, I felt more than capable of picking four beers I hadn’t tried before.

My BeerTown Choices:


  1. Lone Pine American IPA, Sawdust City: was good and hoppy. I Liked it.
  2. Mountain Lager, Munich-style Helles, Side Launch: was good but not as strong as I usually like.
  3. King Street Saison, Farmhouse Ale/Saison, Block 3 Brewery: was good and would order it again.
  4. Batch 06: Berry Berliner, Berliner, Weisse, Beertown XX Innocente Collaboration:
    This is an original brew of their own brewed with Innocent Breweries. It lived up to its berry name with a hint of sour. I’m sad I won’t be able to order this at home.

BeerTown paddlesThe beers came out on a paddle with four small glasses.  Each brewery had a coaster to identify beer was which. The paddles look like they were custom made for BeerTown for this purpose.  There was a thin slot behind the glasses the coasters slipped into to help someone like me who forgets what he ordered.

Our Lunch Order:

Michelle ordered Turkey Burger and fries but opted out of the Ghost Pepper Aioli, wanted the garlic one instead.  “good but a bit lacking in flavour”
I ordered the Mongolian Chicken Burger with a side of Beer Cheddar Soup. I asked to have the Ghost Pepper Aioli substituted for the garlic one.  I love my hot, and it didn’t disappoint. It had lots heat without losing flavour. The soup was also an excellent choice. It was perfect for a cold winter day. It included a thin, crisp toasted breadstick for dipping.
Unfortunately, the food looked so good I forgot to take photos to use in this post.  You will have to trust me that the presentation was lovely.  Just one more reason to head back soon.

Location Details:

This location of Beertown is at 561 Hespeler Rd. (HHY #24) in Cambridge, Ontario. It’s a short drive from the 401 between Toronto and Kitchener.  If you follow Hespeler farther South, you end up in one of the Historic areas of this region called Galt along the Grand River.
There is a patio, but it was too damn cold to even think about sitting on it. There are lots of TVs throughout the place. The one wall has 8 in a long row and behind the bar is a 9 in a
Big square behind the bar. It had a bunch of metal beer kegs made into lamps hanging from the ceiling.  There were at least two displays of beer taps hanging on the wall that was interesting.  I found it to be the sort of place that if we had it here at home, I’d frequent often. (too often in Michelle’s opinion).
Kaitlin said that BeerTown is a family-owned business under the umbrella of the Charcoal Group.
We will have to check out the Burlington location soon but will definitely be making a here stop again. Once when the weather is nicer, Cambridge is a lovely town with lots of old buildings along the river.

In Summary:

I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area. If not here, then at one of the other locations.  It’s not a little mom and pop type of restaurant if that’s what you are looking for but still very good.  Being part of a restaurant group does give it a polished look, but it still has lots of character.
Happy Travels.
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