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Beautiful blue skies and Camino beer.

Road side beer stop

This picture was taken while we were sitting having a few pre-dinner beers after a long day on the Camino. We had been hopscotching with Alan and Tracy all day and ended up in this little town of population 200.  There were two Albergues and of course we ended up in different ones. Fortunately, we met up at the beginning of town for sandwiches at a late lunch.  We decided to check out the town and ended up at a little restaurant with a Pension on a very busy street.  Somewhere there is a photo of our feet inches from the constant traffic.

Camino Meals

We were sitting there enjoying our bowl of tasty olives that come as our tapas with the beers. When some white-haired fellow started talking to us.  The girls were distracted by two small kittens Camino Beersplaying at the place next door so Alan chatted the guy up.  Turns out he owned the place and we got invited back to the restaurant that night at the rear of the place.  We didn’t even know it was there.  We had a great evening with some ladies from California we had shared a bunk room a week or two earlier.  Our host showed up many times to make sure we were doing well. I think it was one of our better meals.  Michelle remembers it as the place where the Flan for dessert came out of a can.

Dinner with more friends

These are the moments the Camino are made up of.  Lots of strangers you feel like you have known for years sharing meals and stories. Unfortunately, it was the last meal we spent with our friends from Reno / France. They didn’t stay in Atapuerca and we bussed forward to make up some time and let Michelle’s feet heal once we reached Burgos.  I’m glad that last evening and meal holds some great memories.

In this cover photo, I fixed the exposure and adjusted the shadows, contrast, and vibrancy.  The adjustment made the sky the color of blue I remember and the clouds pop.  It also doesn’t hurt my preference for this photo that it has a San Miguel sign.  It was my fav. Spanish beer and a constant source of enjoyment.  😉


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