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Backpacks You’ll Definitely Fall in Love With

Travel backpacks

We know the bond between a traveler and his backpacks is a special one. I say Backpacks because you know you have to have more than one. It takes hours in many stores to pick just the right one. It has to be the right color, the right size, the right weight. Then you finally find the one you love, it’s perfect. You take it home and add on your country patch that you proudly want to share with the world.

But before you even get to the store there are so many decisions to make. What am I using this for, how much do I NEED to carry, what else is my backpack good for? I will try to help with a few of those questions and offer some advice. Choices for backpacks that will get you through any journey.

Extended Travel Backpacks

For any extended traveling with a backpack, I recommend at least 30 L pack to ensure you have everything you need. The rule of thumb for weight to carry is 105 of your body weight, including the pack weight.

My Pack was the Gregory Jade 53 L, in hindsight may have been too big. But with this bag, I could easily synch the straps tight and make it smaller and more compact. The great thing about this Backpack is the easy main compartment access. Many packs only come with the top access which is very difficult to pack and unpack.  Especially if you are staying in a hostel and have limited space to spread out.

This was my first Backpack, Gregory Jade 53, and highly recommend.

Gregory Jade Backpack on practice hikes

Day Use or Carry-on Backpacks

Looking for just a daypack can be just as grueling, the options are endless. The first thing to do is decide what you will be carrying. I have so many bags you can see from the picture it needs to be whittled down to the essentials but our one essential daypack comes from Swiss, which is our preferred company. Swiss is highly durable well made. They know how to do a bag right with so many options that you didn’t even know you needed. Sling bag, backpacks, messenger bag, and so much more. Swiss will offer everything you need in look and style and practicality.

Working on the road this one is awesome for that, Laptop bag by Swiss: Swiss Gear 2-in-1 Deluxe Wheeled Mobile Office Case, Black, International Carry-on

For easy check in at the airport and traveling light, BackPack Laptop Bag: Swiss Gear Computer Laptop Backpack with Integrated Tablet Pocket 

Simple but safe sling Bag this is one of the options we have: Swiss Gear Tablet Sling Bag with RFID Blocking Pocket, International Carry on, 10-Inch, Black

Swiss money belt BackpackIf you looking to hide your valuables in a money belt which can be recommended in some areas I recommend the  Swiss Gear Double-Pocket Money Belt, Ivory, One Size 


Camino de Santiago
Wondering around Pamplona with my small Swiss bag



So this is just a few backpacks and bags you’re sure to fall in love with!





My Gregory all loaded in Spain

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