Jeffrey Everets

Cusco, Peru

Peru trip, it’s More than Machu Picchu

When you think of Peru, you automatically think Machu Picchu. But there is so much more. We loved Peru.  Of course, we went for the Inca Trail hike like most people who go there.  But, as soon as we left, we started talking about going back. We found that there is a lot more to […]

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BeerTown Entrance

BeerTown Public House: Cambridge

This frigid January morning we took a drive out to Cambridge and ended up having lunch at a great restaurant called BeerTown dedicated to, of course, beer. It turns out they make pretty good food too. We made the trip so Michelle could pick up some boots she wanted. The boots were an excellent deal,

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Oh What A Journey JPEG, TIFF & PNG files

What are JPEG, TIFF and PNG files

There are lots of file formats used to describe the photographs on your camera and computer.  In this post, I’ll go over the three most popular ones, JPEG, TIFF and PNG files used in digital photography.  There are others, but we will go into that in another post. Lossy vs. Lossless First I have to explain

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Buying a Compact Camera

Buying a Compact Travel Camera

What this post is not This is not an article on buying the best Travel Camera. It’s a quick and dirty guide to buying a compact camera for your travels and why. Don’t get me wrong, if you read our article, Tech Travel Tips, you know I like my devices. You can go out, buy and carry

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Composition Rules for your Travel Photos

I think the first question most people want to know is; “how do you take a good picture?”  There are a lot of ways to take a better picture, but I’m going to start with five simple composition rules. This is the first in a page in a series to help you take better travel photos.

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