Atlantic Reef Dive

June 24, 2017

OMG, I have never been so sick in my life as I was on my Atlantic Reef Dive. SCUBA is supposed to be fun! I never considered the sea sickness it might cause.  But there I was leaning over the side of that cursed boat the whole time from the first dive site to the second.  You can imagine what was going through my head … I can’t wait to get back under the water!

Atlantic Reef Dive

Underwater find

Yep, that’s right, I wanted to get back down under the waves.  I felt fine as soon as I was down about 10 feet. The next 35 mins were bliss.  Oh well, all part of the adventure.

The start of first 40’ dive:

The day started when Raul from Seapro Divers picked me up once again, this time at 7:30 am. Once aboard the van, I met a young family from Honduras who were going diving too. The drive from the Riu property to the SeaPro office is about 20 mins.  Once there Jennifer checks me in and handed me over to my Divemaster for the day, Rodoloo. Kelly was the boat captain once again. Kelly was laughing and Hi-5ing me as soon as he saw I was going out with him again.

Once I was suited up I met Dave who was my dive buddy for the day.  Although he is an American, he originally grew up in Peru and spoke excellent Spanish. He now lives in LA and is an accomplished diver.  He took me under his wing and showed me a few new tricks. We were also supposed to chat about his GoPro and photography.  He was leaning over the side of the boat as much as me.  It was nice in a weird sort of way to know such a seasoned diver can also feel as crappy as I did.  Maybe I’d make a diver after all.

The Atlantic Reef Dive Sites:

Atlantic Reef Dive

Atlantic Box Fish

The first site was called Reef Park.  The dive was planned for 40′ which is deeper than I had been during training. I wasn’t really ready for how much darker it was and my pictures turned out a bit underexposed with a bit of blur.  A little disappointing but part of the experience is to live and learn.
Atlantic Reef Dive

Atlantic Sea Palm

The second site of my Atlantic Reef Dive was called Paradise and was also a 40’ dive.  Rodoloo lead us in and out of coral “canyons” and past “forests” of waving palm leaves.  One of the things I love most about SCUBA diving is that once you go down there you are in an alien world with strange plants and sites. We even swam through a coral arch that sort of gave me a taste of what cavern diving might be like.
Once back on the boat the nausea was back but I was a trooper and made it back to shore without dying. I still spent a lot of time over the side but Rodoloo looked after me and it was a quick trip. The team at SeaPro made me feel safe and comfortable from start to finish.  
That being said, I’m not racing back to dive in the Atlantic anytime soon. Check out what its like to dive in the Caribbean
Atlantic Reef Dive

Coral Arch


  1. Stacey Billingsley

    July 3, 2017

    Sorry you were so sick! Your pictures are beautiful, though! I’ve always wanted to try SCUBA diving, but I should see if I get sea sick first!

    • ohwhatajourney@gmail.com

      July 3, 2017

      I also get sea sick and was worried but realized you are only on the boat for a short time and I took some gravol which helped. The shocking part was getting sea sick under water but that was only because we had to try and stay in one spot while we did our skills test. Give it a try you’ll love it.

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