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Are Destinations dealing with Over Tourism

Destination saturation, or Over Tourism sounds like a jingle right. But it has become the unfortunate by-product of so many good travel bloggers. You see places that were once hidden gems now need a permit to visit and they get sold out within minutes. SO how do you experience a destination without getting overwhelmed by the tourists?

Like many of you, I want to see the highlights of destinations, Buckingham Palace, the Eiffel Tower, The Coliseum. But, how do I get past the crowds? And I have to tell you, I hate crowds.

So, how do you experience the great destinations without the crowds?

Local Experiences

In this article by CNN tourism it asks can the world be saved from over tourism? Are we part of the problem as travel bloggers or part of a solution? There are more travel bloggers in 2019 than ever before. More and more people are looking for a way of life that takes them from the 9-5 to the nomad.

I am one of them and feel late to the party but that’s not stopping me from trying to see some of the most iconic destinations in the world.

Like many, I want to see the Eiffel tower, Buckingham Palace, Cococabana beach but will I get near them for that famous selfie…not likely. So I am opting for a more local experience.

When we were in Peru we wanted to See Moray and the Sacred Valley. There are a hundred bus tours that do it. But, we decided to hire a local cab driver to take our small group around. We had more time in each spot, a locals perspective and knowledge, we contributed to the local economy and it was cheaper.

As I become a more experienced traveller I am learning ways to see as much as possible without breaking the bank. Free walking tours offered by the hostel or a local is one way.

Online skip the line passes

A secret I learned recently was buying skip the line passes.  I was searching for tickets for my daughter to see the Coliseum while in Rome. We found that if we bought the tickets online you can designate a time to show up and you skip the line and go right in. Since then I have seen many tourist locations offer this option.

Over tourism fears

I have read about beaches closing in around the world because of over tourism. Wonders of the world are limiting the number of visitors now because of potential permanent damage.


What are you doing to tackle or avoid over tourism and crowded spots?


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