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Am I Making a Difference with my Blog?


Do you ever feel like your blog is not making a difference like it’s a bad relationship and if you don’t get out now you never will. Time for me to be brutally honest and painfully real. Let’s be honest I can do this because I know that my family or even my own husband even reads my posts

Making a difference in the blogosphere

Yep, I have been at this travel blog since 2013. Mind you when I started I barely knew what a blog was. My first post was exactly two lines. I thought this was another version of Facebook. I knew nothing of SEO. So what makes me carry on almost 7 years later with less than 200 followers on my blog? I actually enjoy what I do! I wish I had more time and maybe a bit more motivation. If one person reads one of my blogs and says ” wow that’s a great idea” or ” I never thought of that” then I am successful.

But am I really reaching anyone? That’s the question every blogger asks at one point or another.  Do even my family and friends read my posts? I could probably write some deep dark secret about my family and they would never know. When you’re starting you hope your family and friends will be your biggest supporters but more often they end up being your biggest critics.

I wanted to be a travel blogger see the world and my own neighborhood and share what I saw and learned with everyone. Now I am not sure what I am, maybe a casual writer of travels?

What is a Blog

A blog could be on any topic and there is thousands of them out there on everything from mommies to mummies. So how do I stand out on the internet. Well I hope that you see that I am a real person with real struggles, not the one suddenly making thousands of dollars a month to tell you how wonderful and luxurious my life is on the road. A blog is anything you want it to be. Whether anyone ever reads mine or not doesn’t matter, it would be nice of course but I will continue to write about my travels and tips.

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No matter what it will be Oh What a Journey!

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