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Airline Upgrades – Sunwing vs. AirTransat

Airline Upgrades

Who doesn’t love airline upgrades? I like to travel inexpensively, not cheaply. To me, cheap implies that I am settling for something less than good. Inexpensive means I did my research and got a great trip to the nice hotel for a better price. Now having said that I do like the upgrades on the airlines. I will compare the two I use most often and let you know which one is my favourite.

Sunwing Premium/Elite Plus

We decided to book the premium plus package airline upgrade with our trips, thinking this was a good deal.  Wrong! I thought this was going to be great we had a price drop guarantee with our fare. I find out a month before we were going to leave the price dropped by over $100, woohoo. Nope, apparently in the fine print, no one reads you have to call within 7 days of booking the trip to register the price drop guarantee. Therefore, we did not get that perk. I did get the $50 travel voucher for future travel and it did allow us the express check-in. However, that is where the perks stop.

Thinking that this was the only option I was destined to live with I let it go. Until I happen upon the Sunwing website and saw, something called the Elite plus package. This is the one you want.. You still get everything as above but you also get the extra legroom seats on the plane and the extra baggage weight.  With Elite Plus, you go from 23kg to 30 kg. Awesome!!! I can bring extra shoes.

The tough part for me now as I had to call and ask for the upgrade and of course, pay the extra money. The Elite Plus ended up costing us over $100 each now. Much more expensive than the Options Plus with Air Transat.


Air Transat Options Plus

Having travelled on Air Transat a lot and really enjoy the flights, I feel that my review is honest. The planes are always clean and for a southern destination, they are a good size. I think I have been on five flights where I have purchased the airline upgrades to the Options Plus.

It started when we were coming home from a trip one year, our baggage weight was over by like 5 pounds and got charged about $100. This fee stunned us. Therefore, the next trip we looked at the options plus for one reason, extra baggage allowance.  With the options plus you go from one bag at 23 kg to two bags at 23Kg. In Canadian that is 50 lbs and an additional 50lbs FREE, Can you imagine the shoes you could bring with two checked bags? All these plus seats with extra legroom for a maximum of $79.50. SOLD!

OK, so with extra weight comes extra benefits. We also realized this was a good deal when we got the priority check-in. If you’re like me I want to be at the airport at least 3 hours early just so I don’t have to be in a line. I show exactly when the counter opens.

airline upgrade

In-cabin bonus

Then we also got the priority boarding. My husband likes to wait until the last minute to get on the plane. He says no sense sitting cramped when you do not have to. Me I like to get on so that I get a spot in the overhead compartment for my usually overstuffed bag.

Moreover, the perks just keep coming. With Options Plus airline upgrades, you also get a free travel kit (I now have four of them at home). This wonderful little kit comes with a travel size blanket, eye mask, neck pillow, and earplugs. Also included with the Options Plus is a meal with a free alcoholic drink and a mini bottle of sparkling wine AKA champagne. Therefore, my flights with Air Transat have been good.


Airline upgrade Wrap up

In conclusion, the verdict is for AirTransat, I found their service to be more valuable and less expensive. I hope you find your perfect airline upgrade. Share with me the easiest way to get an airline upgrade.

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